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Minutes for July 2012 Meeting

In Shirley’s absence, Lee Ann opened the meeting.

It began with Show and Tell. Tom brought thumb drives that he had covered in polymer, using several different techniques. Myra showed two candle holders that she had made using translucent polymer tinted with alcohol inks. Penni Jo showed a cross she had created and faux pearl earrings that looked very authentic. Best Flexible Molds has just come out with a new sea shell mold. Penni Jo also showed pearl pens. They can be used on baked clay. The company that makes the pens is helping to sponsor Penni Jo’s faux embroidery book that is in development. Jane showed several different bowls that she had made using the techniques that she will be teaching today.

The raffle was next. Tom, Lisa, Kay and Angel brought goodies this time and there were two retreat goody bags. Kay got Tom’s, Tom got Lisa’s and Kay’s, Cheryl got Angel’s and Angela and Angel got the goody bags. Kay, Tom, Cheryl, Angela, and Angel will be bringing items for September’s Raffle.

Jane taught us how to make a lace cane and then demonstrated different techniques to use with translucent clay. She showed samples of the different brands of translucent clay and their transparencies when baked. Jane taught us how to make small bowls, using a glass bowl as a form. The bead rimmed bowl was a terrific idea and all the bowls were great examples of ideas and techniques that can be done.

Bottles of Hope - Nance reported that more and more people are aware of the Bottles of Hope program. Her oncologist greeted her at her last appointment by saying, “You’re the one who’s involved with the Bottles of Hope!” Centers are thrilled to have the bottles available for patients. Nance will take some to her doctor’s office to be given out.

Programs - Lee Ann announced the up-coming programs:

August - Protective Coatings taught by Shirley and Lee Ann

September - Rose cane taught by Penni Jo

October - Dekat cane taught by Lisa (bring an extruder for this class!)

August Swap - The theme for the August guild swap is “Dog Days”.

Library Drawing - Jane reported that this month’s library purchase was the Polymer Café subscription. She reviewed the latest issue. This issue’s contest is “Nature”. The entry is due by August 30. You just need to send a photograph and entry form to the magazine. Scott Publications is also looking for entries for a steampunk magazine.

Old Business - 2013 Retreat - Penni Jo reported on the spring retreat. We discussed the theme and decided to keep the safari theme. There are many options within the theme— The swap could focus on flora or birds or animals—lots of opportunities. We already have reserved the church for the second weekend in April. Penni Jo had a list of 13 committees that will need a chairman or co-chairmen and then a committee working together to make their responsibilities happen. We have doubled in size this last year so we should be able to spread the responsibilities out among more people. The committees were: Chairman - Penni Jo was voted to again head up the retreat. Cheryl will serve as a “vice-chairman” to help her. Decoration - Ruth agreed to handle the decorations.
Food - Jane will head Demonstrations - Cheryl will work on getting the demonstrations and scheduling them. Treasurer - Angela has agreed to do again. Registrar - need volunteer Swap - Marcia will chair Donations - need volunteer Ovens - Tomnotbob will be the “oven chief” again. April and Nance will help him. Printing and Artwork - Myra will cover Publicity - Shirley will do Website - Myra will update the retreat part of the website We agreed to leave the schedule as it was last year. Penni Jo will put out the word looking for a teacher. We agreed that $50 was the limit for guest teacher’s classes. We will work with the teacher regarding who collects the fees for the class.

New Business -

State Fair competition - The guild will again sponsor a polymer clay division at the Oklahoma State Fair. Entry applications are available at okstatefair.com. Applications may be turned in from July 2nd through August 15th. All entries must be taken to the fair grounds on September 8th or 9th. You can enter one item per category.

September Meeting - Our meeting in September will be held at the SW OKC Library because the City Arts Center will not be available during the state fair. Everyone agreed that the new meeting place was great. Lots of room!

Library Drawing Change - We discussed doing a library purchase every other month rather than monthly. Penni Jo made the motion and Angel seconded it. The other months we will purchase items needed for the guild such as oven thermometers or rental space.

Meeting Time - We agreed to leave the meeting times from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. We must be out of the building by 5:00 pm or there is an additional charge. Leaving the time as is will allow us a few minutes to prep and set up and then time afterward to clean up.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be August 11 from 1:30 to 4:30 at the City Arts Center.


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