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September 25, 2012

October 2012 Meeting: Ikat Cane


Lisa will be teaching the Ikat cane. She has been playing with clay for many years. In fact, she was claying before claying was cool. Lisa is very knowledgeable and innovative about polymer clay projects.

Supply List:

  • Pasta machine
  • Extruder with small square disc
  • Ruler
  • Brayer or equivalent
  • Long blade
  • Round cookie cutter -larger than 1 inch
  • Small cutter or soda straw
  • Tile or other surface to work on
  • Cards for baking
  • Clay- 1/2 package of two different high contrast colors. Also about 1/4 pkg of one of the two colors for backing for pendant. (Black with a pastel or white or white with a dark color or black are good for color choices)

  • Have clay conditioned before class to save time.

If there’s time, Lee Ann will show another technique which will require a 1/2 package each of two colors to make skinner blend.


October is raffle month, so bring a few extra dollars if you want to participate! Tom, Cheryl, Lori, and Kay will bring items for the raffle.

Thanks to all who participated in the fair demo. Job well done on your fair entries! We have some amazing talent in our group and please bring your entries to the Oct. meeting ( with or without ribbons) so everyone can see them.

The meeting is back at the City Arts Center this month on October 13, 2012 from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

September 7, 2012

Minutes for August 2012 Meeting

Shirley called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone and gave the following reminder:

Reminder: Sept. meeting will be at Southwest Oklahoma City Library, at 2201 SW 134th, OKC (SW 134th is about 4 mi. south of I-240, down Penn. From I35, turn west onto SW 4th in Moore. Drive about 3 mi. Library is on north side of road, just west of Pennsylvania. Moore Norman South Penn Campus is just to the north of it. From I44, turn east on SW134th and go almost 2.5 miles. Just before Penn.) Bring floor covering for your space (shower curtain from Dollar Store would work. Also, nothing is to be taped or hung on walls.) 2201 SW 134th Street

There were 12 members in attendance.

Show and Tell: Lee Ann showed 2 necklaces, both Bargello but opposite coloring, that she had made. Myra showed a writing pen she had covered with a leaf cane at the top was a cute little lady bug. Nance showed a ‘bottle of hope’ that Lee Ann had made and donated. Kay showed a woven blanket button she had made.

Program: Finishing Techniques and Protective Finishes - Lee Ann and Shirley Shirley gave a demonstration on how she sands and buffs her pieces. She had a handout for everyone, “Finishing Techniques for Polymer Clay” and she explained her techniques. Lee Ann spoke on Protective Finishes. She also had a handout for everyone. She showed various products and had examples of pieces using those products. Lisa had a handout for everyone on TLS, mica and Future.

Business Meeting:

*1. Approval of July Meeting Notes *- Motion by Angela, second by Myra; approved

2. Officers Reports: Vice President - Lee Ann: Upcoming programs: Sept. - Rose Cane, taught by Penni Jo Oct. - Ikat Cane, taught by Lisa

Treasurer - Angela gave the treasurers report.

Bottles of Hope Coordinator- Nance: Nance gave an update on the ‘bottles of hope’ project. She received one donation bottle at the meeting from LeeAnn. Nance had blank bottles available for whoever wanted to work on the project.

Librarian- Jane and Lee Ann will continue to bring books at our meetings.

Web Master- Stacie will do updates, Angela will do major web revisions and Myra will update the retreat page.

3. Old Business: State Fair Demo - (Angela) The guild is scheduled to Demo at the State Fair on Sunday September 16th from 2-6pm. Contact Angela for parking and fair passes.

Retreat 2013 - Penni Jo has posted a call for Artists with a September 7 deadline.

4. New Business: Guild Library Storage: Discuss possible options (Angela has some thoughts)

Other New Business: none

Announcements: No raffle in September.

September 1, 2012

September 2012 Meeting: Rose Cane Class

Our meeting this month is on September 8, 2012, at the Southwest OKC Library on 2201 SW 134th St, OKC, OK (SW 134th in OKC turns into 4th Street in Moore).

Penni Jo is going to show us how to construct a rose cane and teach us a little about color values. She is very knowledgeable on all things polymer and on color palettes. Penni Jo is the co-founder of the guild and has her own mold business. RoseCaneSteps.jpg

Materials needed:

  • Polymer Clay
    Rose cane, three values of three colors of clay.

One very light, one dark and one medium. (Actually It’s a good idea to bring more than three colors as you may change plans as the class progresses)

Be sure to bring white as it can be used to lighten a chosen color if needed. If making leaves, bring three values or colors to make the leaves.

The value (light and dark) of the colors are as much or of more value than the actual color selected. If your primary color is #5 value, the dark color value needs to be nearer 8 than 7. The lighter color value will need to be nearer 2 than 3. Value Chart

If making a bracelet, bring clay to cover the bracelet in that color of your choice. I covered the DIY bracelet that was in the goody bag from our retreat.

Note: To be able to complete the canes have your clay already conditioned.

  • Pasta machine to make the Skinner blend.
  • Acrylic Roller
  • Blade: tissue or other blade, not an Exacto blade.
  • Ruler
  • Small Peej Pick or a round skewer or toothpick
  • Your Favorite polymer clay tools, you never know. …
  • Optional: Metallic gold or tan clay for tiny dots
  • Gold Mica Powder

Important note: Use the same brand for all of the colors. This is important for if you use more than one brand of clay, some brands will move faster than others and, in doing so, will distort the pattern.

There will be no swap or raffle this month.