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October 12, 2012

Minutes for September 2012 Meeting

Our meeting this month was at the SW OKC Library because the OKC Arts Center was not available due to the state fair. Lee Ann opened the meeting with show and tell. Nance showed a bargello necklace she had made. Tom showed his prize winning sculpture, “Dog Days of Summer.” Penni Jo displayed her mica shift experiments. She made several pairs of earrings. Lori shared several items that she made at the bead show in Wisconsin, including a faux fossil, water creatures and some copper etchings.

Penni Jo taught a class on making a rose cane. Everyone had very successful attempts. It was fun to see the variety of colors.

The treasurers report was given and the guild now has 21 members.

Lee Ann announced the upcoming classes:

  • Oct - Lisa will teach the Ikat cane
  • Nov - Cheryl will teach covering an Altoid tin
  • Dec - will be a swap, usually something we’ve learned during the year
  • Jan - Lori will teach

The guild will again demonstrate at the State Fair on Sunday, Sept 16. The demonstration will take place in the crafts building which is next to the OKC Arts Center. You may enter through Gate 3. LeeAnn has the banner. Bring a polymer item to work on and be ready to answer questions. Nance will have Bottles of Hope available at the fair.

The April retreat was discussed. Lisa will help with donations. Penni Jo handed out the submissions for teacher selection. The guild voted and selected Syndee Holt. She will teach her “Four Fauxs” and transfer techniques.

There was no swap this month. For next month’s goodies, Tom, Cheryl, Lori and Kay are responsible to bring items.

Next month’s meeting will be Saturday, Oct 13, at 1:30 pm back at the OKC Arts Center.

September 7, 2012

Minutes for August 2012 Meeting

Shirley called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone and gave the following reminder:

Reminder: Sept. meeting will be at Southwest Oklahoma City Library, at 2201 SW 134th, OKC (SW 134th is about 4 mi. south of I-240, down Penn. From I35, turn west onto SW 4th in Moore. Drive about 3 mi. Library is on north side of road, just west of Pennsylvania. Moore Norman South Penn Campus is just to the north of it. From I44, turn east on SW134th and go almost 2.5 miles. Just before Penn.) Bring floor covering for your space (shower curtain from Dollar Store would work. Also, nothing is to be taped or hung on walls.) 2201 SW 134th Street

There were 12 members in attendance.

Show and Tell: Lee Ann showed 2 necklaces, both Bargello but opposite coloring, that she had made. Myra showed a writing pen she had covered with a leaf cane at the top was a cute little lady bug. Nance showed a ‘bottle of hope’ that Lee Ann had made and donated. Kay showed a woven blanket button she had made.

Program: Finishing Techniques and Protective Finishes - Lee Ann and Shirley Shirley gave a demonstration on how she sands and buffs her pieces. She had a handout for everyone, “Finishing Techniques for Polymer Clay” and she explained her techniques. Lee Ann spoke on Protective Finishes. She also had a handout for everyone. She showed various products and had examples of pieces using those products. Lisa had a handout for everyone on TLS, mica and Future.

Business Meeting:

*1. Approval of July Meeting Notes *- Motion by Angela, second by Myra; approved

2. Officers Reports: Vice President - Lee Ann: Upcoming programs: Sept. - Rose Cane, taught by Penni Jo Oct. - Ikat Cane, taught by Lisa

Treasurer - Angela gave the treasurers report.

Bottles of Hope Coordinator- Nance: Nance gave an update on the ‘bottles of hope’ project. She received one donation bottle at the meeting from LeeAnn. Nance had blank bottles available for whoever wanted to work on the project.

Librarian- Jane and Lee Ann will continue to bring books at our meetings.

Web Master- Stacie will do updates, Angela will do major web revisions and Myra will update the retreat page.

3. Old Business: State Fair Demo - (Angela) The guild is scheduled to Demo at the State Fair on Sunday September 16th from 2-6pm. Contact Angela for parking and fair passes.

Retreat 2013 - Penni Jo has posted a call for Artists with a September 7 deadline.

4. New Business: Guild Library Storage: Discuss possible options (Angela has some thoughts)

Other New Business: none

Announcements: No raffle in September.

July 31, 2012

Minutes for July 2012 Meeting

In Shirley’s absence, Lee Ann opened the meeting.

It began with Show and Tell. Tom brought thumb drives that he had covered in polymer, using several different techniques. Myra showed two candle holders that she had made using translucent polymer tinted with alcohol inks. Penni Jo showed a cross she had created and faux pearl earrings that looked very authentic. Best Flexible Molds has just come out with a new sea shell mold. Penni Jo also showed pearl pens. They can be used on baked clay. The company that makes the pens is helping to sponsor Penni Jo’s faux embroidery book that is in development. Jane showed several different bowls that she had made using the techniques that she will be teaching today.

The raffle was next. Tom, Lisa, Kay and Angel brought goodies this time and there were two retreat goody bags. Kay got Tom’s, Tom got Lisa’s and Kay’s, Cheryl got Angel’s and Angela and Angel got the goody bags. Kay, Tom, Cheryl, Angela, and Angel will be bringing items for September’s Raffle.

Jane taught us how to make a lace cane and then demonstrated different techniques to use with translucent clay. She showed samples of the different brands of translucent clay and their transparencies when baked. Jane taught us how to make small bowls, using a glass bowl as a form. The bead rimmed bowl was a terrific idea and all the bowls were great examples of ideas and techniques that can be done.

Bottles of Hope - Nance reported that more and more people are aware of the Bottles of Hope program. Her oncologist greeted her at her last appointment by saying, “You’re the one who’s involved with the Bottles of Hope!” Centers are thrilled to have the bottles available for patients. Nance will take some to her doctor’s office to be given out.

Programs - Lee Ann announced the up-coming programs:

August - Protective Coatings taught by Shirley and Lee Ann

September - Rose cane taught by Penni Jo

October - Dekat cane taught by Lisa (bring an extruder for this class!)

August Swap - The theme for the August guild swap is “Dog Days”.

Library Drawing - Jane reported that this month’s library purchase was the Polymer Café subscription. She reviewed the latest issue. This issue’s contest is “Nature”. The entry is due by August 30. You just need to send a photograph and entry form to the magazine. Scott Publications is also looking for entries for a steampunk magazine.

Old Business - 2013 Retreat - Penni Jo reported on the spring retreat. We discussed the theme and decided to keep the safari theme. There are many options within the theme— The swap could focus on flora or birds or animals—lots of opportunities. We already have reserved the church for the second weekend in April. Penni Jo had a list of 13 committees that will need a chairman or co-chairmen and then a committee working together to make their responsibilities happen. We have doubled in size this last year so we should be able to spread the responsibilities out among more people. The committees were: Chairman - Penni Jo was voted to again head up the retreat. Cheryl will serve as a “vice-chairman” to help her. Decoration - Ruth agreed to handle the decorations.
Food - Jane will head Demonstrations - Cheryl will work on getting the demonstrations and scheduling them. Treasurer - Angela has agreed to do again. Registrar - need volunteer Swap - Marcia will chair Donations - need volunteer Ovens - Tomnotbob will be the “oven chief” again. April and Nance will help him. Printing and Artwork - Myra will cover Publicity - Shirley will do Website - Myra will update the retreat part of the website We agreed to leave the schedule as it was last year. Penni Jo will put out the word looking for a teacher. We agreed that $50 was the limit for guest teacher’s classes. We will work with the teacher regarding who collects the fees for the class.

New Business -

State Fair competition - The guild will again sponsor a polymer clay division at the Oklahoma State Fair. Entry applications are available at Applications may be turned in from July 2nd through August 15th. All entries must be taken to the fair grounds on September 8th or 9th. You can enter one item per category.

September Meeting - Our meeting in September will be held at the SW OKC Library because the City Arts Center will not be available during the state fair. Everyone agreed that the new meeting place was great. Lots of room!

Library Drawing Change - We discussed doing a library purchase every other month rather than monthly. Penni Jo made the motion and Angel seconded it. The other months we will purchase items needed for the guild such as oven thermometers or rental space.

Meeting Time - We agreed to leave the meeting times from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. We must be out of the building by 5:00 pm or there is an additional charge. Leaving the time as is will allow us a few minutes to prep and set up and then time afterward to clean up.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be August 11 from 1:30 to 4:30 at the City Arts Center.

June 11, 2012

Minutes for June 2012 Meeting

Central OK Polymer Clay Guild Minutes, June 9, 2012

Shirley opened the meeting by welcoming new members and guests, Marsha, Barbara and Lisa. She announced that the IAO Gallery would be hosting the Fiberworks showing beginning on Friday and going through July 7. She also told us about a bead shop at Sante Fe & Danforth in Edmond, Beadle Dee Beadle Done. It is a welcoming little shop with lots of fun stuff!

Show and Tell started off with Jane and Penni Jo showing translucent earrings and butterfly. Alex showed a cute purse holder and Lisa showed multiple marbles that she had made. Angela showed a picture of a dog as a muse. She did the artwork in polymer on an 8 x 8 canvas. It sold at a benefit for Pets & People—hence the reason we only got to see a picture of the piece! Kay brought several items from the kitchen and sewing tools and showed how to use them for polymer. She also had two “peelers” from Dan & Tracy’s website, They shave perfect slices from canes. The business meeting started with the approval of the minutes.

LeeAnn announced that the classes for the next meetings will be: July - Jane will teach how to use translucent clay August - Shirley & Lee Ann will teach different protective coats for polymer September - Penni Jo will teach how to make a rose cane

Angela gave the treasurers report.

Nance reported that she has found a great source for bottles for the Bottles of Hope project. She passed out several bottles to members. Nance taught a class to 22 ladies who had a great time. She invited them to come to the guild meetings.

Jane gave a review of the guild’s new book, Enlightened Polymer Clay. She showed a leaf necklace she had made following the book’s instructions. She said the book was very inspirational but the instructions were a little sparse.

Stacie will not be able to attend as many meetings. However, she will continue to work on the website.

Old Business opened with great praise for the April retreat. Penni Jo’s vision and diligent work helped to make the event a great success. Christie Friesen’s classes were fun and great learning experience. The general consensus was the theme helped provide “flow” to the whole event. Bob Linn has been nominated as an honorary member of the guild! His help with set up, clean up, bringing in pizza and just generally checking to see if anyone needed anything was a huge help! Different ones commented on how good the food and programs were. It was an all-around success.
Discussion was held regarding whether we wanted to have another retreat next year. Cheryl made a motion to do so and Marsha suggested that we amend the motion so just set a retreat for next year and then revisit the idea again year to year. The motion passed.

Some things that need improvement for the next time are having more people involved so that just a few are not carrying too much of the load. We discussed having the food catered or splitting the meal planning among different groups so that one person was not in the kitchen so much. We talked about moving to a different venue and decided to stay at the same place for at least one more year. Penni Jo contacted the church and we have received permission to use the rooms again next April. Marsha volunteered to plan the table set up for next year.

The finances were for the retreat were also a success, resulting in actually making money for the event. The event the next year may result in more expenses depending on the teacher we choose and the food factors. Everyone felt the registration fee was very reasonable and we want to keep it that way for next year. Penni Jo will check on teacher availability. We’d like to have different techniques taught each year. We discussed new meeting place options, as we have grown too big for the Hobby Lobby classroom. A group will go to the City Arts Center located on the Fair Grounds to see if it is suitable. It was agreed that if the group felt it was a good place, they would go ahead and reserve the space.

Kay taught the guild how to make gift tags with polymer and gave out stamps and little goodies to embellish them. They were easy and fun to make!

The next meeting will be held on July 14 at 1:30 pm at the City Arts Center on the Fair Grounds. The meeting was adjourned.

May 13, 2012

Minutes for May 2012 Meeting

We had 10 members present for our May 2012 meeting. We started with Show & Tell, where several members brought items they’d made or started at the retreat. Tom showed his dragon sculpture, complete with glowing eyes, and his pheonix from Christi Friesen’s class. Ruth and Lisa showed a necklace they had collaborated on. Myra showed a necklace she made using animal print beads. Angela showed a notepad cover made using Pluffy clay and her CF-inspired moth and Make & Take items. Everyone shared great tips on how they made their show & tell items.

Questions & Answers

Instead of doing a lesson this month, we had an informal Q&A session. Some of the topics discussed included using polymer clay on canvas, different ways of using mica powders, and how to create armatures. We’re so fortunate to have such knowledgeable members who are so willing to share!


Our bimonthly raffle included a prize from Alex plus a retreat goody bag and a mish-mash of leftover retreat items. The winners were Lisa, Tom, and Lori. They will be bringing July’s raffle prizes.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Saturday, June 9, 2012 from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Hobby Lobby in Moore, when Kay will show us how to stamp and texture name tags.

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April 2, 2012

COPCG March 10, 2012 Meeting


Shirley welcomed us. There were no visitors and 14 members in attendance this month. The guild is sending a card to Sue.

Show and Tell

Penni Jo showed a pendant and earring made from the mokume gane technique that Shirley taught. Penni Jo also introduced her new “Penni Jo’s Clay Tools”. There are 8 tools neatly packaged in a zipped carrying case.

Jane showed a book mark and paperclip with cross embellishments that she will give to the church that is hosting the retreat. She also showed two of the inchies for the swap. She used a giraffe cane and a transfer technique for the inchies.

Shirley showed a pendant and a leaf made from the technique she taught.

Myra showed several pens and a pendant made with the mokume gane technique and a cool black and white bracelet with beads.

Kay showed a cute name tag with a tornado for the “Twisters”.

Someone brought a pendant made from the Angelina film that Tom will teach this month.

Tom had a notebook with an Angelina film cut out in the polymer clay cover.


Tom taught the class this month about Angelina film.
janepjtom1.jpg He showed the several different forms in which Angelina is available and how each one can be used.

wingcandle1.jpg He demonstrated how it could be bonded together and then melted to form wings. We were encouraged to try the different kinds and come up with our own creations. wing1.jpg

Penni Jo showed how she had made an opal. Lori made a very pretty “peacock feather”. Angelina is an exciting product with lots of applications for use with polymer.

The Raffle

The raffle donors and recipients were:

Jane brought a Lisa Pavelka border mold and steel block for hammering which Cheryl won.

Angela gave a glitter set and ProTech powder bonding agent that Kay got.

Penni Jo brought a deep cabon mold and candy paper (burrito free) for wrapping canes that Alex won.

Kay brought a shamrock cookie cutter, a Twister name pen, a PC magazine and 2 Premo red pearl clays which Angel won.

The winners Cheryl, Kay, Alex, and Angel will be responsible for bringing raffle goodies to the May meeting.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Saturday, April 14 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm at the Hobby Lobby in Moore.

January 28, 2012

COPCG January 28, 2012 Meeting

Introduce/Welcome Guests

Shirley opened the meeting by welcoming us and our return guest, Alex, Tom’s daughter. The guild received a Christmas card from the Midwest City Library. The American Craft magazine included an article about polymer in the Oct/Nov ‘11 issue. Shirley will send a link for the article. The magazine is only available by joining American Craft.

Show and Tell included the following:

April showed two mixed media necklaces. One had silver turtles with liquid polymer and glitter. The second had a silver shell, pearl and glitter mixed with hobby sand and held together with liquid polymer. Both had beaded chains.

Myra had lavender beads with chrysanthemum canes

Penny displayed a badge holder finished with the embroidery technique she taught to the guild.

Lee Ann made a Myra inspired pendant necklace with grommets and bulls eyes canes.


Lee Ann taught how to make a wood grain cane. We used the slices to cover stick pens. Several people tried using different colors for a variation of grains. The slices can be used to cover a form and have a very realistic “wood” box.

The Raffle

This month’s winners were: Jane (won Kay’s), Angela (won Stacey’s), Penni Jo (won Lee Ann’s), and Kay (won Penni Jo’s)

Next Month’s Swap

The February swap theme is Valentines.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Saturday, March 10, at the Hobby Lobby in Moore.

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February 26, 2012

COPCG February 11, 2012 Meeting

Welcome/Show & Tell

Shirley welcomed us and opened the meeting with show and tell.

Penni Jo brought items of “Lessons Learned”. She brought dream catcher items using the wood grain that LeeAnn taught at the last meeting. pjdreamcatch1.jpg She was trying out Pardo brown and transferring an image. She tried pearl and translucent clay. The image had a tendency to disappear using the Pardo translucent. She also learned you should preheat your oven and use a tile to bake. She gave us all a copy of the interior of the dream catcher transfer. It’s nice to know that the learning process continues even after years of working with polymer!

Angel brought two pendants that she had experimented with using alcohol inks, thick embossing powder, and liquid polymer. angelpendents1.jpg Very pretty!

Tom brought a neat little jar with a lid of hearts and roses. Little conversation heart candies peeked out of the heart cut outs on the sides. Tom lined the cut outs with Angelina film.tomhearts1.jpg
Lessons learned seemed to be a theme of show and tell this month, as Tom had tried super glue to attach the film on one side. He discovered that the glue clouds the film. However, the lesson did not detract from the sweet container.

Shirley showed several items and their progression for the lesson that she will be teaching this month, Mokume Gane with a Twist. mokumesample2.jpgThey are very attractive pieces that she sanded with increasing grits and then buffed. She learned that sweat shirt material will do a nice job of buffing a piece.

Makume Gane with a Twist

Shirley started her lesson by giving each of us a bag of items to use for texturing and other effects. Fun stuff!! She taught the makume gane technique, including an easy way to slice the clay evenly. janemokume1.jpg Awesome little tricks. The results were many terrific creations with wonderful colors and textures. pjmokume1.jpg

Valentine Themed Swap

Our bimonthly swap had a Valentine theme this time. LeeAnn got Jane’s polymer covered ink pen; Jane got Alex’s little bottle filled with hearts; and Alex got LeeAnn’s heart pendant.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Hobby Lobby in Moore.

If you’d like to see more photos of our group meetings, check out our Mokume Gane album on Facebook!

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January 12, 2012

Minutes for COPCG December 2011 Business Meeting

December 10 2011

Introduce / welcome guests

Shirley greeted visitors, newest member Kay and passed around the attendance sheet. Since it is Christmas time only 8 of our members were in attendance.

Shirley had a recent copy of USA today with a photo of artist Elise Winters in an article about breast cancer. From the black and white photo and the jewelry it looked like her . PJ said she would try to find out more and contacted the IPCA. Yes, it is our Elise.

Show and Tell & Program:

The show and tell / lesson was to bring an item to show and tell how we made it. Most brought something made using a lesson learned during the year.

Stacie, new to our polymer clay guild, brought a project started before joining. She told us that her home had only one tree. Every other tree was either killed or died so she made a decorative tree of polymer clay. As yet unfinished, the trunk and branches are sculpted, baked and antiqued. The tree has a sweet face and the branches have wires ready to add beads and or polymer clay leaves on to.

Tom brought a snowflake ornament made using the Angelina film. The polymer clay glitter covered ornament had spaces in the pattern where the Angelina film was applied. The film has a most magical feeling.

Nance showed several of her Christmas tree ornaments and jewelry that she has made through the years. One was a class she taught at guild a few years ago. The class included a lesson on how to make a leaf cane and then used the leaf cane slices to make the tree. After making the tree with leaf cane slices, decorative cane slices and tiny candy canes were added to make “ornaments”. One pin began with a tiny tree that she made. After baking it was molded so that many little tree pins could be made from it. These were also embellished with cane slices. A third tree was a clay tree with glass millefiori beads for ornaments. A fourth was a pendant with a tree decorated with sea shells on a mica shift background. Lovely Christmas tree jewelry. She also showed a wreath pin made of cane leaves and slices.

Kay showed an ornament made of a very large bottle cap that was embellished with a molded hummingbird, holly leaves and flowers. The background and the hummingbird were tinted with metallic green. She also showed a stunning three strand beaded necklace.

Lee Ann brought a beautiful snow lady wearing a delightful cape of quilt squares in soft green, deep green red, white etc. The border of the cape was wrapped using matching clay ‘ribbon’. Her sweet face was wrapped in the fur lined hood of the cape.

Jane showed a purchased tassel with the top wrapped with molded poinsettias. She made a darling clay ornament with a great sentiment on a white background, a twisted red, green and white border and the most darling, hand sculpted clay tools dangles. A stack of clay blocks, long tissue blades and a pasta machine!!! It was amazing in it’s detail. She finished the embroidery project started in class, a tiny house with great details on it. She finished it as an ornament by gluing it to a large glittery turquoise colored snowflake.

Penni Jo showed a Victorian style embroidered design that will go onto the face of a Badge Reel. Since the design had to be concave and curved, she showed step by step how to mold the plastic curved surface of the Reel, make a clay image of it, bake the clay image, cover with foil and then shape the final artwork over the baked, foil covered image. She made the design, baked it on the foil covered image and removed it after baking. The concave design can be glued to the front of the Badge Reel. She gave every member in attendance a Badge Reel. She also showed the finished heart pin/pendant that was used to show various stitches using the embroidery technique.

*Business Meeting: *

1. Approval of Minutes: Minutes were emailed and posted on line. Jane moved to approve, Nance seconded, approved.

2. Officers Reports:

Vice President ~Angela Upcoming Programs

  • January: Faux Bois (fake wood) by Lee Ann
  • February: Layering and Imprinting by Shirley
  • March: TBD

Treasurer ~ Angela

  • Balance: both regular and retreat funds are in the account.
  • Members:16

BOH Report ~ Nance

February and March, Nance plans to become more focused and to do some teaching. She will be sending the next group to the Norman Hospital Breast Cancer clinic. * Librarian ~ Jane*

The new book is in but she did not review it as Myra will be telling us about it.

Old Business

1. Guild Retreat 2012 Penni Jo

We covered the highlights of the retreat meeting. More detailed minutes from the meeting will be sent to members.

We have 16 donors to the goody bags. We are one third full. We will separate the goody bag stuff from the raffle/auction donations. We are planning on 38 goody bags. Any left over bags to be raffled. We’ve asked members to touch base with local businesses to see if the could donate to our guild or goody bags. One example is Lowes or Home Depot may have broken lots of ceramic tiles as they can be used as baking surfaces, heat sinks in small ovens etc. Auto stores might donate sanding film for bead makers. Perhaps we can ask if Hobby Lobby can donate anything? Nance will donate a new rock tumbler for an auction/raffle item. Nance will donate a new Sander for an auction/raffle item. Ask if Polymer Clay Express .com would donate a dream machine. Angela reported that she has requested an auction/raffle item and has not heard back yet. It was agreed that members would make at least two items to donate to the school for the secretary, pastor and office help. Any extras might be used if they have a bazaar or as prizes for the members. The three toaster ovens have arrived and are at Jane’s house. Attendees will be encouraged to bring snacks for themselves and or to share. Tom and Kay will be the oven monitors chairpersons and will be in charge of the sign up sheet at the registration desk. We will need two sign up sheets for Kitchen Duty and Oven Monitors at the registration table. Myra make the posters?
Nance will be compiling the program but will be traveling. Do NOT email her with information until after February 12th as she will not have access to her computer until then. Members are encouraged to give Jane and or Ruth ideas for meals and food choices. It was suggested that we let the attendees know if they have any dietary/food requirements. Peanut allergy and other allergies were mentioned. Should we ask Angela to add this line to the retreat page? Angela reported that this is already on the retreat info.

My most grateful thanks to the group for your willingness to jump in and help with the many, many things needing to be done for the retreat.

New Business

  1. Slate of officers for January Election: (Thank everyone for stepping up!)

    • Pres. Shirley Conaway (unless someone else volunteers)
    • Vice Pres. - Lee Ann Kelly -
    • Secretary - Cheryl Rains
    • Treasurer - Angela Mabray
    • Web Master - Angela Mabray

Any other nominations from the floor?

~~ Stacie Bebber volunteered to act as Web Master

Slate of officers, (cont’d):

Volunteer Positions:

  • Photographer - Ruth and Stacie as a team. Both or either can take photos. Stacie can crop and PhotoShop photos as needed for the website and for the minutes.
  • Bottles of Hope Coordinator - Nance can continue and needs medium sized bottles. She will be teaching classes on making Bottles Of Hope.
  • Librarian - Jane will continue
  • Librarian Helper - Lee Ann will continue.

Dues are due in January. Members will receive an email with amount owed.


None of record.

Library Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:

Winning Title: Magazine Subscription for Polymer Arts Magazine.


Five members swapped this year.


  • Kay got the embroidered pin by PJ
  • Lee Ann got the Christmas tree pin with glass millefiori ornaments by Nance.
  • Nance got Lee Ann’s snow lady.
  • PJ got the ornament by Kay. (because she did not notice that Tom would be left with his own ornament. She feels very bad about this.)
  • Tom kept his snowflake ornament saying that his wife wanted it.

No one really wanted to play dirty Santa.

Next meeting:

January 14, 2012

At Hobby Lobby in Moore.

November 5, 2011

Minutes for October 2011 Business Meeting

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting Date: October 8, 2011

Introduce / welcome guests

Our meeting began as Shirley welcomed everyone and began the meeting right away as we had a long program. The room was packed with 16 people in attendance including guests Pat Pearson, Kay McKinnis, Linda Krejsek, and Margaret Watsek.



Class Sample Penni Jo taught an embroidered pendant project (see left) using techniques from her ten page Original Booklet ~ Faux Ribbon Embroidery that was given to guild members a few months ago. A full color six page step by step tutorial was provided to make this faux embroidered pendant with faux wood hanger bar, twisted rope border, tiny molded tassels and molded tricolor tassel fringe. All of the techniques and basics taught were from the Faux Ribbon Embroidery booklet. If a member does not have the larger, ten page booklet with nearly 200 photos you can write to Penni Jo at and ask for the pdf file. The pdf lesson file is also available to members the same way.
Please do not share the project sheet or the booklet as PJ is planning to have it published. If a non member wishes the pdf full Booklet, contact PJ about the price. Above right is the finished sample that she began in class to demonstrate some of the stitches and techniques learned while making the project

Show and Tell:

Pat had water color beads to show. She is a retired Air Force officer and has been playing in clay for a year.

If I have missed anyone’s show and tell, please let me know. It was a very, very busy time.

Business Meeting:

1. Approval of Minutes:

The following corrections were made.

  1. The visions comment should read “Grady Craft alliance took over Vision Makers and sent an email to Shirley. The do not know when the next Visions Makers show will be.” You can get on the mailing list if desired.

  2. Cheryl did not win in the September Raffle.

2. Officers Reports:

Vice President -Angela

  • Nov: Myra - Pandora Beads.
  • Dec: Annual ‘Share a project’ where members bring a project that they have learned in guild and share a bit about how the project was done. Those wishing to swap at the end may do so.
  • Jan: Lee Ann TBA.
  • Feb: Shirley - To be determined.

Treasurer- Angela

Balance: 722.84

Members: 15 members.

BOH Report ~~ Nance

Our beloved Nance will have surgery for cancer on Oct. 20 at Norman Regional.

Librarian ~ Jane

The new book is in and Jane reported on it. Polymer Clay: Creating Functional and Decorative Objects by Jacqueline Gikow. This book was chosen because the magazine article “Polymer Unlimited - 4 artists on the magic of polymer” chosen was no longer in print.

Jane pointed out some parts that she found interesting and reported that she was impressed and touched on some of the highlights in this very unusual book.

Old Business?:

  1. Guild Report, PJ:

a. Retreat discussion notes and the following two subjects will be emailed to members.

b. Basecamp:

c. Vendors

2.. State Fair Demo:

  1. Any improvements? Everyone liked the demo area this year.

  2. Added categories? The following discussions were made.

    a. Mixed Media with the primary focus of the item of clay. For example. Tom’s wonderful character dolls with sculpted faces and hands.

    b. PJ asked if a “Display Only” Category could be added. Angela said she could check.

New Business:

  1. We talked about finding a larger meeting room. A number of ideas were batted around. Members, if you have time and can, look in your area for a meeting place. PJ suggested we think outside the box as her brother-in-law’s club group met in the back of a furniture store. No charge.

  2. Ruth brought up Recreation professionals. Hospitals, continuing educations CEU. Send works to them. If selected your work will be taught. $$



Library Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:

Winning Title: it was decided to order the first issue of Polymer Art magazine to see if we like it.

Swap or Raffle:

Winners: Tom and Myra got each other’s swap. Myra’s was a beautiful Fall bracelet and Tom brought a fabulous visual pun. Our theme was “Come on Fall!” Tom’s light switch cover featured an impatient squirrel’s hand outstretched under an Oak tree with one remaining acorn. “Come on, Fall!”

Next meeting:

At Hobby Lobby in Moore. November 12, 2011 1:30 to 4:30pm

October 2, 2011

Minutes for COPCG September 2011 Business Meeting

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Minutes

Date: September 10, 2011

Introduce / welcome guests

Shirley welcomed our new members and visitors to our merry band of clayers.


Shirley introduced our new members and visitors to Bottles Of Hope, their history and purpose. Angela demonstrated step by step how the bottles are covered with clay. The following embellishments for the bottles were demonstrated by PJ. Hope Blooms BOH Sample Bottles Of Hope Ministering Spirit Bottle Of Hope

  • a. How to apply Lisa Palvelka’s foils to clay and create a sparkling effect using 60 grit coated sandpaper.
  • b. How to make a skinner blend and then, for those who wanted to see how to use the skinner blend, how to make a leaf cane. The watchers all received a segment of the leaf cane.

Show and Tell

Myra, Sue, Stacie, a visitor; Jane, & Penni Jo brought Show and Tell this month. Due to the many things happening, your secretary did not get a list of each person’s show and tell. Shirley showed the magazine “Ornament” and the lovely polymer clay project inside. This magazine was included in the IPCA Retreat Goody bags. It was suggested that we contact Ornament magazine for our goody bags.

NOTE: Angela would like ideas of companies that we can contact for goodie bag items.

Swap or Raffle

(Treasurer Angela was not able to stay till the end of the meeting this month so the raffle was held early in the meeting.) As winners two months ago, Cheryl, Penni Jo, and Myra brought items for the raffle.

This month’s winners were: Angela (won Myra’s), Angel (won PJ’s), Cheryl (won Myra’s), our little visitor (won Sue’s) and Stacie (won Cheryl’s).

Business Meeting:

1. Approval of Minutes:

PJ announced that the minutes were on line and also e-mailed to all members previous to the meeting. Nance moved, Jane seconded, minutes were approved.

2. Officers Reports:

Vice President - Monthly lessons -Angela

  • Oct: Penni Jo - Faux Ribbon Embroidery.
  • Nov: Myra - Pandora Beads.
  • Dec: Annual ‘Share a project’ where members bring a project that they have learned in guild and share a bit about how the project was done. Those wishing to swap at the end may do so.
  • Jan: Open
  • Feb: Shirley - To be determined.

Treasurer- Angela

Balance: $721.76

Members: 13 + 2 New makes 15 members.

BOH Report - Nance

Nance will be getting some more finished bottles soon.

Librarian ~ Jane

The new book, ‘Polymer Pizazz II’ came in with lots of categories. Christi has two articles in the book.

Jane also announced that the PolymerCafe challenge is ‘Just Jewelry’ and is due on Oct. 10. These dates are on our webpage along with the PCC challenges, so be sure to check it often.

Old Business:

1. Guild 2012 Retreat:

Penni Jo reported: Christi is coming!! Her attendance will appeal to out of towners. Date April 19, 20 & 21 2012. Classes/Demos: Christi will have two half day classes. One on Thurs & one on Friday. There will be 6 demos. A light continental style breakfast and cold lunch will be provided. A write-up for the website is up. Be sure to check it out. Thanks so much Angela. Great looking page!

More links will be added as needed. Among them are:

  1. Online electronic registration form
  2. Tourist info for the greater Oklahoma City area
  3. There will be a link to Christi’s site as she will be handling the class registrations on her site. We need to choose the two desired classes ASAP.

Cost of Retreat:

  • Member cost will be $60.00
  • Non member cost $75.00 for early bird registration (before March 24, 2012)
  • Late registration: $85.00

To accept these numbers, it was moved by PJ and seconded by Sue and the prices for the retreat were approved.

The cost of renting tables was brought up and it was discovered that a number of members have tables that they can bring.

Stacie and Sue have trucks.

A theme was discussed and the following were suggested:

  • Carnival in Rio
  • Spring Fling
  • Rodeo
  • Safari .

It was moved and seconded that our theme will be Safari. Myra will modify the colors of the poster to reflect this theme.

2. Promoting our hobby:

Shirley reported that Vision Makers will have 5 shows. Tulsa is not sure of a date for their new show.

3. OK State Fair.

Demonstration on Sunday 18, 2 to 6. Angela handed out the entry tickets to those that had signed up. Shirley to bring the banner. Quarter page flyers: Jane to get some printed. Myra did a poster for the fair and will send the artwork to Bob Linn to be printed at Kinko’s.

Shirley asked for volunteers to do a phone follow-up for the people who sign up at the fair. Angela will email, Shirley will phone.

Members were asked to bring some finished work to show, a clay project, tools etc. Angela will bring the oven, mitts and a map.

New Business:

None of record.


Library Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:

Winning Title: Polymer Unlimited - 4 artists on the magic of polymer.

Since the magazine with this article is unavailable our library selection was later changed to Polymer Clay: Creating Functional and Decorative Objects by Jacqueline Gikow,

Next month’s swap theme: 

Come On Fall!!

Next meeting: October 8, 2011 1:30 to 4:30

At Hobby Lobby in Moore Oklahoma

August 18, 2011

Minutes for COPCG August 2011 Business Meeting

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting Date: August 13, 2011

Introduce / welcome guests Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting. We had a number of guests this month. Tom Gibson, a doll sculptor using polymer clay, a medium not usually accepted by most Art Associations and Societies, Angel Mance, and Lori Luli a previous guest and beader who joined our happy group this month.

Calla Lily Switch Plate Elegant Light Switch by Janie B.

Show and Tell: Myra showed a filigree Christmas Ornament, switch plate and bookmark as well as Pandora beads! Nance had a lovely feather/leaf pendant. Lee Ann showed her beautiful, finished Opal pendant. Sue had finished her switch plate and showed a number of other fabulous switch plates in a variety of colors and styles. Angela finished her switch plate in a ‘stenciled’ pattern that was delightfully charming! Cheryl showed a blade cover that was not only colorful it also provided safety. Penni Jo showed two switch plates. Shirley had some lovely silver clay seashells and a silver pendant that she’d made with her sister. Lori showed some of her work including Mokume Gane, faux wood (aka Faux Bois) and steam punk hearts, techniques she’d learned recently in a number of classes. Jane showed two incredible switch plates of falling leaves, one with wire work.

Program: Resident Hobby Lobby April Gregory brought a number of demonstrations of a number of “TIPS” for use with or to supplement our polymer claying. There were 6 sections of tips.

  1. Clear materials: Shown in three different pendants. Each pendants was a polymer clay ‘jewel’ glued into a bezel and the bezel was then filled with a ‘clear’ material.
    a. Kato liquid clay- The bezel was filled, baked and hit with a heat gun. Most of the liquid clay remained cloudy as the layer of clay was very thick. b. Dimensional Mod Podge - Bezel was filled, allowed to dry and then filled again to smooth. It was the medium clarity. c. Resin, two part — Mixed equal amounts poured over the ‘jewel’ allowed to cure and a second layer added to level. To tint, use alcohol ink. Faux geodes can be made using resin and polymer clay mold.
  2. Glues: a. Quick Set — Epoxy, very strong. b. Poly Bond by Lisa Pavelka — Excellent hold, heat resistant, but keep the lid on TIGHTLY!
  3. Re-purposing (altering) materials — Metal: a. Silversmithing can be ‘faked’ with Polymer Clay and other materials such as adding metal dots from the scrapbooking aisle to the outside of a bezel. b. Silver metal to Gold effect. Sand to etch the surface and get down to the base metal to change the color of the metal using Rub N Buff which comes in metallics as well as a number of colors. She used two colors on a metal piece. Rub N Buff can also be used on Polymer Clay. c. Emboss metal. Stamp, add powder, dry and heat. Finish with desired effect. d.Embossing leather: Stamp the leather using an embossing ink. Sprinkle with embossing powder. Allow to dry. Heat. The leather now has a beautiful raised pattern. e. Change the color of the leather. f. Krylon 18 K Gold pen can be used to color and repurpose items.
  4. Layering: a. Metal Filigree can be bent, cut and punched. Use the pieces to embellish a design. b. Use a “Big Bite” hole punch in leather and light metal. Make a hole in filigree and a leather band. Stack a number of punched items to form a design. Attach the stack to the leather strap using a grommet.
  5. Shrinky Dinks: create designs, color or print, cut out and bake. a. Color with colored pencils. b. Print out on an ink jet printer at 50%.
  6. Demo: Bird and cart. Bird And Cart by April G. a. Showed the form used to create the bird. She covered the form with Polymer Clay, baked and cut the warm clay to remove from the form. b. She identified the various jewelry parts, jewels, wire, etc used to finish the project. WOW. c. She described how the project was assembled with the parts.

Business Meeting:

1. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes were read. PJ goofed big time and got our guests from last month mixed up, mis-identifying our newest member. It should read We had two guests: Marolyn Bryant from Shawnee and Cheryl Rains from Oklahoma City. Cheryl Rains joined our merry band and is our newest member. (PJ thought Cheryl was Marolyn. My most humble apologies to Cheryl.)

Minutes will be approved pending changes.

2. Officers Reports:

Vice President -Angela

  • September 10: Bottles of Hope Day — work on bottles, share techniques & ask questions
  • October 8: Faux Embroidery with Penni Jo
  • November 12: Pandora Beads with Myra
  • December 10: Annual Christmas Share-a-Project Meeting
  • January 14: OPEN (any volunteers?)
  • February 11: TBA with Shirley

Treasurer- Angela

  • Balance: $720.19
  • Members: 11

BOH Report ~~ Nance She needs medium sized bottles. PJ has some that can be used by the group.

Librarian ~ Jane Jane showed the new book by Christi Friesen, Woodland Creatures.

Old Business?:

Promoting Polymer clay:

  1. April will ask if we can demonstrate Polymer Clay use in the individual stores near the entrance.
  2. Ruth asked about the art council. Angela mentioned OVAC (Oklahoma Visual Arts Colation) will be having a 12” by 12” auction.
  3. Angela also mentioned that OVAC website allows artists to have a portfolio on their site.
  4. A show formerly with “Vision Makers” is now organized by the Brady Craft Alliance
  5. Shirley to check to see about Vision Makers.
  6. More pictures in the body of reports. We need more members to upload photos to the guild Flickr site. So far, only four members are represented on the group site.

IPCA biannual retreat:

Jane and PJ reported on the retreat, how much fun they had and that they’d met a clayer from New York City whose monthly meeting was as involved as the mini retreat held in PJ’s house last April! There were clayers there from everywhere. We learned a lot. Jane watched most of the demos. PJ sold molds and her line was picked up by Metal Clay Supply in Jacksonville TX.

State Fair: 

Need to enter by the 15th. If entering later cost will be $10.00. Drop off entries September 10th and 11th. Demo Sunday September 18th 2:00 PM

Twister Retreat:

Penni Jo Reported on Memorial Presbyterian Church in Norman found by Nance.

Costs: $100.00 a day and $75.00 janitorial fee for an allover cost of $375.00.

Great big fellowship hall with big kitchen. We can have both.

PJ will write to the pastor and ask if the facility is secure, are the dates open and how early can we come and how late can we stay. The pastor reported that we may have a key for the retreat, come early, stay late.

There is no security but since we will be the first in and the last out the room should be secure.

Shirley has contacted them and gotten a firm date. April 12, 13, & 14 of April 2012.

We may have a breakfast and lunch if we desire.

A motion was made by Shirley that, the facility will our first choice if the hours, security and dates check out. If so then we would like to plan to have our retreat there. Seconded by Jane, motion carried unanimously.

The types of retreats were described by Penni Jo who has attended a number of them.

  1. Classes all day long at retreat. Fandango. Students can sign up for some or all of the classes that you pay to attend. Classes last all day. Great for students, not so much for teachers and those who do not wish to take classes. The retreat room is a bit bare. Teachers strive to develop a project that the guild will want to bring to the group. Tough to get in as a teacher. Vendors get a booth for the cost of 20% of sales. NOTE: Room and all meals provided in the cost of the retreat. Approx. $500.00 + or -.

  2. Demonstrations only: Sandy Camp is an excellent example of this. There are nine demonstrations over the three and a half day retreat. Demonstrators give two 30 minute demos. One right after the other. Demonstrators are selected from applicants. Demonstrators get free vendor booth and pay 10%. Attendee’s pay deposit of $100.00 for vendor booth which is applied to the 10% they will owe from sales. No meals, no room provided. Cost $90.00. Included the closing banquet.

  3. IPCA bi-annual retreat. Demonstrations from a number of people. Any one can sign up to demo. No vendor section but attendees may sell from their table space and keep all of the proceeds. Cost $295.00 Lunch and Breakfast provided. No room cost provided.

  4. Other Retreats I’ve read about or heard reports of can be a mix of the above. Some have short classes with a fee to attend, 3 to 4 hours long. Rest of the time is retreat.

Demonstrations: Since Jane and I attended the IPCA retreat and watched demos in the room with everyone else, it became apparent that we need a different room in which to demo. It is very hard for the watchers to hear the demos if everyone else in the room is chatting and laughing (which happens often at a retreat).

PJ to contact the church and see if a small room nearby could be used just to watch a demo. There may be a small additional charge for the extra room

PJ to CHECK DATES and be sure of the dates.

Guest rooms: Several offered to open their guest rooms to retreat attendees. Get list.

Steering committee meeting? Braum’s in Moore on 19th street Saturday Aug 20 at 1:00. After this starter meeting, we can bring our lunch to Hobby Lobby and meet before the meeting.

New Business?: None of record.

Announcements: None * Library Drawing for a new book* ~~ Jane: Winning Title: Polymer Pizzaz II

Swap or Raffle

Swap Winners: Jane, PJ got Jane’s, Myra, Sue got Angela’s, and Angela got Sue’s. If I’ve missed you, please let me know which plate you got in the swap. Thanks.

Next meeting: Sept. 10, 2011

At Hobby Lobby in Moore.

August 12, 2011

**Minutes for COPCG Business Meeting**

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting Date: 7 - 09 - 11

Introduce / welcome guests Our meeting began as with members visiting setting up quickly as we have a long lesson today with many bakings. We had two guests: Marolyn Bryant from Shawnee and Cheryl Rains from OKC.

Our thanks to Polyform for supplying clay for the projects. Everyone loved the fresh clay and busily conditioned the colors for the project.

Show and Tell (this is not very clear in my notes. Please forgive any misinterpretation of the scribbles I call writing.) Show and tell was postponed until first baking. One guest Marolyn, showed her earrings, Sue showed her opal pendant started last month and a swirly pink bracelet, Lee Ann had Pens! and beautiful swirly MG Marquis shape beads; Angela showed a bracelet, pendant an a pen and pencil set. (or maybe I have become confused here) More Ooos and Ahhs followed when Shirley mentioned silver clay and showed a Kathleen style bead; PJ had a new mold, and Myra had a pendant, beads and buttons.

Program: Jane brought the program “Coloring on Clay using Pencils and Markers”. She had prepared three tiles for each of us on which to test the coloring techniques. She also gave each of us fresh clay from Polyform to complete the class. This lesson taught us a wide variety of skills including:

a. How to prepare the clay after baking using 220 or 320 grit emery paper to give ‘tooth’ to the baked clay.

b. Introduction to covering a light switch cover with clay and baking.

c. Demonstration of using Inktense water activated pencils.

d. Demo of using water color pencils.

e. Demo of using markers.

When our covered light switch covers were in the ovens baking, we began on our tiles first labeling each tile with the technique, sanding, then coloring the stamped images with the variety of water activated pencils and markers. There was much happy visiting and lots of questions as we all delved into the challenge of something new.

After coloring the tiles we used thin sheets of Premo Translucent and White Translucent as well as TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) over the colored designs. After baking we all had our heads together trying to decide which of the effects we liked the best. TLS seemed to be the big winner while others liked the White Translucent.

Jane had lovely stamps to share as did some of the members. Beautiful light switch covers began to emerge as we practiced our new skills.

She also showed us some photos of beautiful bracelets by Ponsawan Sila that inspired the project as well as a bracelet that she’d made using several of the techniques that she taught today. What a great lesson. Thanks again Jane. And, thank you too to Polyform for the clay for the lesson.

Business Meeting:

1. Approval of Minutes: Minutes posted on the website were approved. * 2. Officers Reports:*

Vice President -Angela

  • August: April will be teaching some techniques that she has learned while working for Hobby Lobby.
  • Sept: Penni Jo will teach Faux Ribbon Embroidery. The class will be free to the members.
  • Oct: Need a teacher or idea anyone game? 
  • Nov: Still needing a teacher or an idea.
  • Dec: Members will each bring a project made during the year, describe how they made it and may choose to swap it with members if desired.

Treasurer- Angela Balance: $697.36 Members: 10 + 1 Marolyn Bryant joined making 11. There were a number of expenses this month presented by Treasurer Angela.

  1. Fabric for the Library show
  2. New Checks
  3. Books

Expenses were approved.

BOH Report ~~ Nance No report this month. Although the ladies at the Presbyterian church may have an interest.

Librarian ~ Jane Jane reported on the Green magazine. It is OK, but does not seem to be enough for the price.

New PolymerCafe is here. Looks good.

Book, Patterns in Polymer came in. It looks beautiful, excellent layout with color recipes, orderly layout presented important info in the same space on all the pages making it easy and fun to read and look at.

Old Business: 1. Promoting Polymer clay: Angela reported on opportunities to demonstrate at the Festival of the Arts. The time requirement was too much for a small group like ours. They needed us there for long hours during the day. After some discussion it was decided that it is not feasible for us at this time

  1. The possibility of individuals demonstrating our hobby singly at the entrance of a local store came up. We have seen demonstrators showing their art before at a set up near the entrance. What do we need to do to find out if we can do this? Shirley will contact April for further info.

  2. Guild Report:  a. Locations. Shirley reported the following:About the Edmond Community Center facility: It would be room 222, which requires a refundable deposit of $50. Set up/take down & clean fee: $20. Occupancy loads: Theater: 50; Classroom: 35; Banquet: 50 - you’d think this would take the most space?? Rates: 5 hrs is $65 plus set-up. Full day (8 a.m.-10 p.m.) is $111 per day. She assured me the room can be locked. Not a good kitchen - deep laundry room type double sinks & need ice chest for food. Parking: during weekdays we’d be sharing it with the police station & maybe a bank. But she said 35 people shouldn’t have a parking problem. No competition Saturdays. Shirley will put their leaflet in the mail to me. b. PJ Reported on Memorial Presbyterian Church in Norman found by Nance. Costs: $100.00 a day and $75.00 janitorial fee for an allover cost of $37.00. Angela mentioned that we can use the monies in our treasury for the retreat.
    Great big room with big kitchen.
    The cost was about the same for both. After much discussion, it was decided on Memorial Presbyterian in Norman. PJ will write to the pastor and ask if the facility is secure, are the dates open and how early can we come and how late can we stay. A motion was made by Shirley that, the facility will our first choice if the hours, security and dates check out. If so then we would like to plant to have our retreat there. Seconded by Jane, motion carried unanimously.

New Business?: None of record

Announcements: Jane “It’s a girl!” * Library Drawing for a new book ~ Jane:* Winning Title:Woodland Creatures by Christi Friesen

Swap or Raffle Winners of the raffle: PJ won two, Marolyn won two and Myra one raffle. Next month will be a Swap: Theme ~~ Light switch covers.

Next meeting:

At Hobby Lobby in Moore. August 13, 2011 at 1:30 PM

June 29, 2011

**Minutes for COPCG Business Meeting**

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting Date: June 11, 2011

1. Introduce / welcome guests Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting, unpacking our work kits, setting up ovens all the while visiting and sharing.

2. Show and Tell: Myra showed a fabulous necklace using the Kali cane from the lesson last month. Jane showed a bracelet with the technique for July’s meeting. Penni Jo showed things from Fandango. Nance showed samples of faux Labradorite and faux opal, the items we would be learning to make in class.

3. Program - A Gem of a Class: Since there will be a number of bakings, Nance’s class began immediately after Show and Tell. We learned the technique of making faux opals first beginning with lining a bezel with super thin white clay. The clay was dusted with pearl ex powders. Layers of opal like flakes were pressed into the clay along with sprinkles of glitters. The Labradorite began with thin black clay, pearl ex powders, and glitter. When we were happy with the effects, having viewed the ‘real’ stones, we put a thin layer of liquid clay in each bezel and baked the pendants. The liquid clay was then clarified using a heat gun. After clarification, more pearl powders, and a bit more glitters and more liquid clay were applied and the piece baked again. We each could continue this process at home until the desired dome was reached.

4. Minutes: The minutes had been sent by email to members. There was one correction. April moved we accept the minutes. Nance seconded. Approved.

5. Officer Reports:

A. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons) Angela:

  • July — Jane will teach drawing on clay, covering the types of colored pencils etc. We will have our choice of a switch plate or pendant as these are flat and will be a good practice surface. She will contact Polyform for clay for the class.
  • August — April will teach a class in mixed media.
  • September — Penni Jo will teach some of the Faux Embroidery techniques that she taught at Fandango .

B. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela Balance - $768.34 Members - 10

C. BOH Report ~~ Nance

D. Librarian Report ~~ Jane: The newest book did not come in this month.

6. Old Business: None.

7. New Business:

  • A. State fair demo to be Sept 18th 2-6 PM was approved.
  • B. Regarding our goal of spreading the news about polymer clay, Angela’s question: is there a more art-oriented venue where we could demonstrate?
  • The place where Myra’s booth is at has an area where we might demo.
  • Ruth might be able to give info on the Festival of the Arts in April 2012. Shirley will call to see if demonstrators have a parking area or not.
  • C. 2012 Guild Retreat.
  • The group decided that the first thing needed is a venue and dates.
  • Penni Jo volunteered to be the Steering Committee Chairman. She will look for likely places in Moore. The rest of us will review places like hotels, churches, community centers etc and let her know what they find before the next meeting. Shirley was going to do some research in Edmond. Nance volunteered to contact OU. Someone mentioned Elks Clubs. There was an idea to contact school boards for available facilities. We discussed a Thursday, Friday Saturday format, especially if meeting in a church and a Friday Saturday, Sunday format for working people to be able to attend. We also discussed briefly a later in the evening format like 5;30 to midnight or so.
  • Ruth has sent a lot of info to Penni Jo already.
    1. Other new business. None.

8. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:

Patterns in Polymer was the book drawn.

9. Swap

Jane, Lee Ann, Myra and Nance brought swap items.

Jane got Lee Ann’s, Lee Ann got Myra’s, Myra got Nance’s and Nance got Jane’s.

Next meeting: July 9th at 1:30. At Hobby Lobby in Moore. See you all there!

May 14, 2011

Minutes for the May 2011 Business Meeting

Nine members and one guest were in attendance at our May meeting. Shirley welcomed Lori, our guest. She began the meeting with Show and Tell and our guest shared a fabulous clay project she had made and Shirley brought some beautiful polymer clay earrings she had bought by artist, Harriet Smith.


Sue brought us a program on making Kaleidoscope Canes. She showed us how by stacking various sizes of high color contrasting clay ‘snakes’, wrapping them, pressing, pulling, tugging, reducing, cutting, and pressing together we ended up with a design that you’d see if looking through a kaleidoscope. Sue made it seem so easy and effortless. Each person made a unique, amazing cane.

Business Meeting

The minutes were not read because they had been emailed earlier to members. Sue moved the March 2011 business meeting minutes be approved. Nance seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

Old Business

  • Penni Jo’s Play-Day Retreat: Shirley expressed everyone’s appreciation for Penni Jo’s hard work on the fabulous April Play Day that she organized, planned, hosted, and, except for a bit of help from Jane and Ruth, single handedly implemented. Penni Jo was in Florida to teach at the Polymer Clay “Fandango”, but we felt the need to publically express our gratitude.
  • Midwest City Library Display: Shirley thanked everyone for participating and for all the work they put into the library display. Jane thanked Shirley for envisioning it, securing the date, gathering the fabric for the background of the display, and doing the vital pre-display work. Jane also shared some very positive feedback about the display. Shirley asked for any suggestions that we can use for future displays. The suggestion was made that we advertise the display on our website. Also the display brought up the need for members to be mindful of get names and email addresses of those who show an interest in our guild so that we could invite them to a couple of our meetings.
  • Flickr Photos: Shirley asked Angela how we can get pictures added to our Flickr site since several people expressed difficulties with posting guild-related photos. Angela offered to set up an easier option and email instructions to the group.
  • VHS Tapes: Angela indicated we have yet to receive information on the two free used VHS from International Polymer Clay Guild. There may be none left, but she will continue to check.

New Business

  • Next Play-Day Retreat: Jane, in Penni Jo’s absence, reported that Penni Jo would like for us to be thinking about next year’s play day. She feels we need a steering committee and since we anticipate having more time at next month’s meeting, she hopes we will be thinking how we would like to be a part of the planning and organizing of it.
  • State Fair Competition: We agreed that we would not add any new divisions this year, and for clarity the guidelines for entries would read, “The primary decorative elements of the piece must be at least 60% polymer clay. (Items used to support the polymer clay are not included in the 60% requirement.)”
  • Upcoming Guild programs:
    • June: “A Gem of a Lesson” with Nance.
    • July: Lesson to be announced with Jane
    • August: Mixed Media with April
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • Balance: $760.34
    • 10 members

Library Drawing

This month’s library addition is a subscription to “From Polymer to Art” magazine. [Note: After researching the (high) costs of this subscription, the group later agreed by email to order just one issue at this time.]


Winners of the raffle were Sue, Jane, Nance, and Shirley.

Swap Theme

June’s swap theme: “How does your garden grow?” Anyone wishing to participate in the swap should create one project using the theme and bring it to June’s guild meeting.

March 13, 2011

Minutes for Business Meeting: March 2011

Eight members and one guest were in attendance at our March meeting. Shirley welcomed Myra, our newest member, and Connie, our guest. She began the meeting with Show and Tell and members shared some fabulous clay projects they had made.


Angela brought us a program on making Mosaics. For inspiration she showed us 2 clocks, pendants, a vase, and a small box she had used a mosaic technique and some reference books in our library, including the mosaic section in her book, Polymer Clay 101. From her instructions, we each made at least one mosaic pendant. She also explained and demonstrated some alternate mosaic methods.


(Follow this link for more of Ruth’s excellent photos of the March lesson.)


The minutes were not read because they had been emailed earlier to members. Nance moved the February 2011 business meeting minutes be approved. Sue seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.


  • Penni Jo’s Play-Day Retreat: In Penni Jo’s absence, Jane reported that . because Penni Jo desires for each of us to experience the joy and fun of having an undisturbed, unstructured day of playing with clay and fellow ‘clayers’, even though facilities have fallen through, she remains undaunted. Penni Jo plans to have the retreat at her house in Moore. The date was discussed and agreed that April 6, our usual meeting date, would work best. The time is scheduled from 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. There is no fee. Lunch will be provided. Everyone is encouraged to bring a snack to share and for dinner, pizza will probably be ordered. A map and any other information will be communicated through email. A head count is needed because of limited space.
  • Midwest City Library Display: The library set up time is scheduled for 1:00, Sunday, April 3, with the majority being available to set up. (However, later in the month, by consensus, the time was changed to 1:30).

    • Shirley passed out forms to be filled out listing individual pieces for the display in order to make signage.
    • The three display cases required the need for background covering. Using information that Shirley had gathered for us, April made the motion to purchase crushed velvet for up to $50, and if cost is significantly more for the yardage needed, to buy the black felt. Angela seconded the motion.
    • Shirley asked Angela and Jane, with husband Bob’s help, to be in charge of the display’s signage. Information for each piece-your name, name of your piece, if any, and technique used, is needed to be written out at this meeting or sent to Angela by Saturday, March 19.
    • Shirley will notify us of the time and date to dismantle the display.
    • Everyone set out their entries and displays to get an idea of sizes and what we had to work with.


(Look for more photos of the display items here.)


Because of the need to spend the remaining time of our guild on preparation and final organization for the Midwest City Library Display, the regular reports on future meetings, treasurers report ($741.92; 9 members), Bottles of Hope, and library book review were sent by email prior to meeting.

Two free used VHS from International Polymer Clay Guild, while supplies last, are available to guilds for the asking. Angela offered to send, via email, the titles so members could chose and the ones with the most votes she can submit as our choices. She explained this had to be done in a timely manner, so immediate response is important.


Winners of the raffle were Sue, Connie, and Myra.


The group selected Masters: Polymer Clay: Major Works by Leading Artists as its choice for this month’s library book.

May 3, 2011

April Happenings: Library Display & Retreat

April was an exciting month for the Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild. We were able to share some of our work in our first-ever library display, plus we held our first (hopefully first of many!) polymer clay retreat.

  • Check out these posts from new member Myra Cleveland for photos of our display at the Midwest City Library.
  • And don’t miss Myra’a and (gracious hostess) Penni Jo’s write-ups about the oh-so-fun retreat.

Exciting times for our group!

March 5, 2011

Minutes for COPCG Business Meeting: February 2011

Seven members and three guests were in attendance at our February meeting. Shirley welcomed Myra, Denise, and Rhonda, the three guests. She began the meeting with Show and Tell and members shared some fabulous clay projects they had made. Because we have only email addresses for some, Shirley asked those who would like to add their address and cell phone number to our records. This will be helpful in times when more than an e-mail is needed.

PROGRAM: Because of our presenter was ill, our “live” program on Kaleidoscope Canes was changed to a DVD on caning: Intricate Kaleidoscope Caning with Sarah Shriver. Since Lee Ann, April, and Ruth had previously viewed this DVD and followed the instructions, they were able to interject helpful thoughts and comments as we went along.

BUSINESS MEETING: Jane moved the December 2010 business meeting minutes be approved. Angela seconded the motion. The minutes were approved. Lee Ann made a motion to approve the January 2011 business minutes. April seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

OLD BUSINESS: Shirley, Jane, and Myra met at Hobby Lobby’s classroom on the 5th Saturday, January 29th. A great time was had by all! Myra has even finished the bracelet she started at the meeting. Midwest City Library show is coming up in April. The display will run the entire month. Set up is scheduled at 1:00 PM on Sunday, April 3. Shirley contacted the library and confirmed there are a total of six shelves in the two glass displays. The shelf dimensions are approximately 12 inches by 63 inches. The space between them is approximately 14 inches. It was suggested that a solid black background of fabric in both displays would work best to accent our work. This will also unify the two cases. Shirley asked Angela and Jane to work on the signage. We need to see what we are going to display and figure out how to organize it. This will tell us what additional items are needed. Shirley asked all of us to bring the following to our March guild meeting: 1. Our display pieces. 2. Our displays (covered gift boxes or other covered cardboard boxes which are not too large, etc.). 3. Written information for each piece (your name, name of your piece, if any, and technique used). In Penni Jo’s absence, Jane gave a report on the tentative April retreat. As of now, Penni Jo is trying to get in contact with a church that she is aware of that lets outside groups use their well-lit activity building. Until a facility is secured, the retreat remains very tentative.

New Business Proposed New Office Shirley asked about our practice regarding visitor following-up, an area that has fallen through the cracks. A membership chairman was suggested, and April offered to take the responsibility in the future. Her availability will depend on how her job works out.

Reports Future Programs March

Mosaics with Angela April Tentative: Retreat Penni Jo has been working on this, but it is not definite. May Tentative: Kaleidoscope Canes with Sue

Treasurer Angela reported a balance of $763.93. We have 9 members.

Bottles of Hope Project Nance asked for help for contacts to get more bottles to cover.

Guild Library Jane reported on our newest library item: Creative Sparks by Dayle Doroshow and Cynthia Tinapple.

Drawing for New Library Book We had no drawing because of our subscription to Polymer Cafe Magazine is ready for renewal. This month, we will use our library funds for the renewal.

February Swap The theme for February’s swap: “Love Is in the Air” Myra brought a beautiful faux lapis lazuli bracelet Lee Ann brought a blue swirl lapel pin heart Angela brought a box embellished with clay hearts Nance brought a fun red and gold heart on a red chain heart Jane brought a purse holder embellished with clay dove and hearts.

January Raffle Jane, Teresa (guest) and Angela won the raffle in January. There will be a raffle in March.

January 25, 2011

January 2011 Meeting Notes

Eight members and two guests were in attendance at our January meeting. Jane welcomed the guests and began the meeting with Show and Tell. Members shared some fabulous clay projects they had made.

PROGRAM: Lee Ann K. taught us a technique for making large hollow vessels. The vessels were made over a glass form of our choosing. After baking, the clay was cut in half and removed from the glass form. It was then glued back together and smoothed before adding a second, decorative layer. As always, Lee Ann’s clear instructions and helpful guidance made for an excellent lesson.


MINUTES: Not everyone had received the December minutes by e-mail prior to the meeting, so approval was postponed until everyone could check them for errors.

OLD BUSINESS: - Annual membership dues were due. Jane asked members to pay our treasurer, Angela.


  • Congratulations:

    Jane congratulated Angela on the publication of her new book, Polymer Clay 101 which she co-authored. Angela talked a bit about the process of putting it together and announced that she had some copies available for sale to guild members.

    Jane also congratulated member Lee Ann for having her mica shift challenge project published in the most recent issue of Polymer Cafe Magazine. Jane also had a project published in the challenge article. Congratulations also went to Angela for having a project article published in the same magazine.

  • Election of Officers for 2011: The following new officers were elected:

    President - Shirley C.

    Vice President (programs) - Angela M..

    The following officers will continue in their offices:

    Web Master and Treasurer - Angela M.

    Secretary - Penni Jo C.

    The following positions were changed from elected to volunteer:

    Bottles of Hope Coordinator - Nance R.

    Librarian - Jane L. and Lee Ann K. volunteered to assist

    Photographer - Ruth Mitchell

  • Challenges:

  • Polymer Cafe Challenge- Wearable Art: Entrants need only send in a picture of the piece, a brief description, and their inspiration. The official entry form from the magazine must be used - no photocopies. Members were encouraged to mention our guild in their entries.

    Information about a bead contest will be e-mailed to members later.


  • Web Master Angela M. reported that through our Web site, we have had several requests for beginner classes. There was some discussion, including the issue of whether we should charge a nominal fee for such a class, in order to cover materials and time. The group decided to postpone any decision until more thought could be given to the matter.

  • Jane asked whether anyone wished to meet for a play day on the 5th Saturday of January. She will check with Hobby Lobby as to whether our meeting room will be available and let us know.


Programs: Our schedule for upcoming programs is:

  • February - Kaleidoscope Canes with April (with Sue as a backup)
  • March - Mosaics with Angela (tentative)
  • April - Retreat? Penni Jo has been working on this, but it is not definite.
  • May - Penni Jo may teach?

Treasurer: Angela reported a balance of $462.93, not including the dues which have been paid today. We have 10 members.

Bottles of Hope Project: no report

Guild Library: Librarian Jane L. reported on our newest library items, Polymer Clay Beaded Jewellery by Isabelle Cheramy Debray and our latest issue of Polymer Cafe Magazine.

Drawing for New Library Book: No drawing was needed because we acquired Angela’s new book, Polymer Clay 101 and also we received last month’s new book, Foundations in Polymer Clay Design, by Barbara McGuire. Since our subscription to Polymer Cafe Magazine is ready for renewal, neither will there be a drawing next month.

January Raffle: Items were donated by last raffle winners, Angela, Sue, and Ruth. Winners of the raffle were Jane, Teresa (guest) and Angela

February Swap: Next month we will have our bi-monthly swap. The theme will be “Love Is in the Air.” Jane encouraged members to use their imaginations to interpret this theme.

January 5, 2011

December 11, 2010 Meeting Minutes

  1. Introduce / welcome guests: Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting. Lots of holiday chatter filled the room with happiness. Sue brought two guests, Connie F. her sister and Denise W. Another guest Debbie joined our merry band of clayers. There was a quorum of voting members.

  2. Show and Tell: This was especially exciting as Lee Ann brought some projects as ‘teasers’ for next month’s meeting, Big, hollow vessels. The samples were fabulous hollow vessels in many styles and colors. We were all blown away by them and are eager for next month’s lesson. She also answered lots of questions, how, cut where, what kind of forms needed. Etc.

  3. Program: The program was brought by all of us. We each brought a project to show made using a technique we’d learned. Ruth brought an ornament embellished with poinsettias and leaves made from canes that she has learned to make. Sue brought a Christmas tree with tiny candy canes made using a lesson on leaf cane learned in guild. Lee Ann brought a snow scene with a tiny reindeer and tiny trees. Her design was inspired by an advertisment. Jane brought a gingerbread man recipe card holder with matching recipe cards made by her hubby. Penni Jo brought feather earrings. Each member described their project and, if they wanted to, went into a bit of detail as to how each piece was created, any special info about it, the inspiration of the design etc. All in all, there was a lot of eye candy and information.

  4. Minutes: Last meeting’s minutes were posted online and sent to members:

    • Sue moved they be approved.
    • Lee Ann seconded. Approved.
  5. Old Business:

    • Penni Jo reported on the possible retreat next April. We discussed if we would like to have goodie bags (PJ reminded us that Makins had asked to know about guild events, they will send stuff): Yes. Supporters: Yes. Vendors: Yes.
    • Jane reminded us that our dues are due next month. We will get a notice of the amount with any deductions earned from Angela.
  6. New Business:

    • We were reminded that Angela’s book was out. Ruth said she had seen it on Amazon. There is also a video and a writer review with her picture. We were all so very excited!!
    • Jane gave us a handout of a proposed slate of officers for 2011. They are as follows: * Shirley Conway, President * Angela Mabray, Vice present, Treasurer, Webmaster * Penni Jo Couch, Secretary * BOH Coordinator Nance * Librarian, Jane Linn * Ruth has volunteered to be the photographer.
    • It was discussed in the group that the last two offices in the list be changed from elected offices to appointed positions by the leader. Moved by Sue. Seconded by Ruth. Carried.
    • Be thinking about the offices and let the group know if you are interested in a position. Voting will take place in January.
  7. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons):

    • Jan 8. Large hollow Vessels - Lee Ann
    • Feb 11. April Kali Cane - Sue will back up if April can’t teach.
    • March 8 Angela Mosaics (tenative)
    • April 9. Penni Jo Retreat to be held over the retreat weekend?
    • May 14 Open
  8. Treasurer’s Report ~~ emailed by Angela:

    • Balance - $481.53
    • Members - 10
  9. Librarian Report ~~ Jane: New library book will be reported on and shown next month.

  10. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane: Foundations in Polymer Clay Design by Barbara McGuire

  11. Swap: Members played “Dirty Swap” with the projects that they had brought to show.

After the swap, Sue spent time demonstrating polymer clay techniques to our visitors. Thank you Sue!!

Angela (2), Sue and Ruth won a raffle in November. There will be a raffle in January.

Next meeting: Jan 8, 2011 At Hobby Lobby in Moore.

January has 5 Saturdays, will we have a play day?

Meeting submitted by Secretary Penni Jo Couch.

January 6, 2011

January 8, 2011-Large Vessel Forms with Lee Ann

Hello Clayers, it’s that time again! Our next meeting is this Saturday, January 8, 2011, from 1:30-4:30, at the Hobby Lobby on I-35 and South 19th in Moore (2650 Service Road, Moore, OK 73160 ). We are in for another exciting class from Lee Ann. She will be teaching us how to make large vessels. She brought some lovely examples to our December meeting, and although I was not there, I received reports of how lovely and amazing they are! Although she will show us how to make large vessels,to save time and space, we will be making small ones. I am looking forward to another great lesson from our very talented Lee Ann!

Supply List:

Molds from Glass Containers Supply List

1) Smooth and clean glass container. Since all of us will be using the ovens, choose
something small. 2) Scrap clay to cover container. Will be rolled on thickest setting of pasta machine.

3) Craft knife and clay blade.

4) Pasta machine

5) Slow drying glue such as Tacky Glue.

6) Masking tape or blue tape

7)Clay the color of your final choice

8) Oven mitt or hot pads.

Don’t forget to bring an idea for a book to add to our library and a raffle item.

December 9, 2010

November 13, 2010 Minutes of COPCG meeting

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting held on Nov 13 2010

1. Introduce / welcome guests Angela got us started, getting the lengthy lesson going in order to get as much done as possible. Our meeting was postponed until the projects in the oven before the first baking

2. Show and Tell Angela showed her Steampunk & flower.projects learned in the Christi Friesen class and also a Mosaic art piece. Sue showed her carved beads, Nance showed her pendant and fair entries. Lee Ann showed her finished carved box started in the previous meeting. Ruth showed a beautifully beaded necklace and earring set. Penni Jo showed pics and some things from Sandy Camp.l Starla was back and showed a necklace set. All the work was both exciting and encouraging.

3. Program: Angela taught Faux enamel techniques. The class had the room buzzing for the entire three hours. Thank you so very much Angela!!

  • We learned to create a mold from a rubber stamp.
  • Press the mold into clay and make a molded image.
  • Dust the mold with pearl powder to ‘gild’ the clay
  • Baking the form.
  • Mixing liquid clay with alcohol inks to create clear colors.
  • Paint the cooled openings in our baked and cooled forms.
  • Bake again to set the colored liquids
  • Fill the openings with clear liquid and clarify it using a heat gun.

4. Minutes Minutes were approved. Thank you Shirley for filling in for PJ while she was at Sandy Camp.

5. Old Business: A. PJ did a Sandy Camp report. Great fun was had by all. B. The possible spring retreat was reported on by PJ and discussed by members. We talked about times, days, working and non working members. We will all be thinking. Also about demonstrations by members, what we might demo. Everyone seemed to think that they would like to learn more about member’s techniques, how they got that special texture or look. .

6. New Business: A. Angela, reported on an upcoming Rings & Things contest. No entry fee. B. Polymer Cafe Challenge - Steampunk due Dec 10th. Members can use the group magazine entry if desired. C. Be thinking of who to run for next years officers. We will vote in December. D. Angela’s new book Polymer Clay 101 will be out in January. Go Angela!! She will bring a book for the guild.

7. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons): Dec. - Member’s ideas show and tell Jan 8. Vessels - Lee Ann Feb 11. April Kali Cane March 8 Angela Mosaics April 9. Penni Jo Retreat to be held over the retreat weekend? May 14 Open

8. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela - Balance - 453.53 $25.00 prize paid to best of show State Fair winner Penni Jo. - Members - 10

9. BOH Report ~~ Nance Nance reported, she will be contacting some regional hospitals.

10. Librarian Report ~~ Jane: Jane reported on our new book. Mixed-Media Mosaics Techniques & Projects Using Polymer Clay Tiles, Beads and other Embellishments by Laurie Mika.

11. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:

Polymer Clay Beaded Jewelry by Isabelle Chercey Bebra

12. Swap or Raffle brought and won by:

Starla: Necklace Set Angela Ruth: Board, container Angela Shirley: Lisa Palveka stuff & Toolbox Sue April: Steampunk stuff. Ruth

13. Next meeting Dec 11, 2010: Anyone who wants to swap an item that they will demo or show. It is fun and members are encouraged to swap if they like.

October 11, 2010

October 2010 Meeting Notes

We had a great October meeting! Six members attended, but sadly, there were no guests this month. Jane began the meeting with Show and Tell. As requested, some members brought their state fair entries so everyone could get a better look. Others brought recent creations, some of which were made during our polymer clay demonstration at the state fair.

Program: Our own resident author, Angela (“Crafty Goat”), taught us how to cover a business card case with carved faux ivory, a project from her new book, Polymer Clay 101, which will be published in January 2011. She brought several beautiful examples which she had carved. For many of us, this was our first experience using a lino carving tool. No one finished, but Jane urged us to bring our finished pieces next time. Many thanks to Angela for an excellent lesson!

Business Meeting:

Minutes from the September meeting were approved.

Old Business:

Guild Retreat Planning: Jane announced that Penni Jo is currently in California, at Sandy Camp, a polymer clay retreat, doing demonstrations and gathering ideas for a possible retreat for our guild.

Guild Show April, 2011 at Midwest City Library: Jane reminded us to be planning for our show in April, suggesting that our state fair entries will be appropriate, but that we will need additional pieces. Shirley reported that there are three display cases, and if memory serves, each is approximately 5’ wide and contains three levels for display. We will be able to display our guild information, as well as leave business cards. Nance suggested that part of the space be used to display a few basic polymer clay tools and some books, and we all agreed. The library will provide books from their collection, if we need to fill space.

State Fair Re-Cap: Jane asked for fresh thoughts or ideas for next year regarding our state fair display and demo. For the demo, it was suggested that we need to have more sign-up sheets for visitors who are interested, and that a member should do a follow-up call or email with an invitation before the next meeting. Shirley volunteered to do that. She also suggested that we request a support behind our demo tables on which to hang our banner, such as the lattice we had this year, as it was much better than bringing in something of our own for that purpose.

For the fair entries, we re-opened our discussion about whether to divide entries into hobby and professional categories, so that everyone would have a greater chance of winning a top prize. We decided not to do so, as each judge will have different ideas on what is good, and our group is very small at this point.

Several members voiced concerns about tightening the wording of our guidelines for entries: specifically, providing a definition of “beads” and writing more specific guidelines regarding the percentage of the entry that must be polymer clay. The question of adding a new category for “mixed media” was also brought up. Decisions will be postponed until next spring, in time for the 2011 fair.

Paseo “Hold It” Show: Jane reminded us that the due date for entries into the Paseo Art Association’s container show is October 23rd. The entry fee is $25.

New Business: There was no new business.

Reports: Programs: April reviewed our upcoming meetings, and we planned several more as follows:

  • November: Faux Cloisonne or Faux Enamel with Angela

  • December: Members’ Ideas and Optional Swap

  • January: Vessels with Lee Ann

  • February:TBA

  • March: Mosaic with Angela

  • April: Kaleidoscope Canes with April

Treasurer: Angela reported that we have 10 members and a current balance of $490.39.

Bottles of Hope: No new report.

Library Report: Jane showed our newest library purchase, Artists at Work: Polymer Clay Comes of Age, by Pierrette Brown Ashcroft and Lindly Haunani.

Drawing for New Library Book: All agreed we should order Penni Jo’s phoned-in suggestion, Mixed Media Mosaics: Techniques and Projects Using Polymer Clay Tiles, Beads, and Other Embellishments, by Laurie Mika.

Pens brought for swapOctober Swap: Artistic covered pens were brought and swapped by Angela, Lee Ann, Jane, and Nance (see picture).

November Raffle: As winners of the September raffle, Penni Jo and Shirley will provide items for November’s raffle.

September 8, 2010

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting August 14, 2010

1. Introduce / welcome guests Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting. We had a visitor: Mary Armegin. Welcome Mary!! Present were: April, Nance, Angela, Shirley, Lee Ann, Sue, Jane, and Penni Jo

2. Show and Tell Angela showed pens made with canes. One is a Bic retractable. Lee Ann showed a pendant made made with a slice of the feather cane that she made last year while demonstrating at the State Fair. Jane had a giant paper clip made using the Ruphia bead technique. Nance showed the roses, leaves and flowers that she would be teaching today. April had a cool box of Kali canes that she is practicing from a Sarah Shiver book. Penni Jo showed her latest mold and a pendant and earring set made using the mold.

3. Program: Nance gave a brief history of the Japanese wood based clay that we would be using. She gave us each a tray and enough white and colors to create a rose, tiny lilac and leaves. We had great fun making tiny arrangements in the pots and bowls that Nance brought for the arrangements. Thank you Nance!

4. Minutes: Penni Jo Read the minutes. Nance moved they be approved as read, Sue seconded. Minutes were approved.

5. Old Business: Reminder of the fair deadline. A. State Fair — Today is the last day and you can still sign up on line. PJ made a fair worksheet on which to list your items to keep track of your progress and remember which pretties to take to the fair. (she is old and forgetful, hence, the list). :-) State Fair Demo - Sunday, Sept. 19, 2:00-6:00 Our demo area will have two 8 foot tables in the same area as last year. 1. Ideas/Suggestion for Jewelry entry (and any other entry): We discussed a number of ideas, including a. Jewelry displays for sale at Michael’s with a coupon. b. Pin on ‘form’ c. Make an informative, nice stick-on or folded description of entry to be shown with the entry. Jane will have them made to describe the item. What is this? Is it cane, sculpted, purpose, and other info including the words “Polymer Clay” prominently on on description. We are to call or email info needed.

B. Penni Jo-Retreat update? She will call the church in question for more info.

C. Shirley has lined up our Guild to display at Midwest City Library in April, 2011

D. April is coming.

6. New Business: Jane showed how projects “popped” on black backgrounds and suggested that we try to bring a display with our projects to the fairgrounds with our entries. It was amazing to see how showy an item looked on a black or dark burgundy background.

Members expressed some dissatisfaction with the way last year’s polymer clay items were mixed in with entries from other categories and felt that the polymer clay items were lost among many different styles and materials. Angela said she would ask if the fair managers need volunteers for helping with setups.

We discussed quarter sheet fliers for visitors to the demo to pick up with our guild info on the front and a list of polymer clay tools etc. on the back. There was a discussion that we research to have the quarter sheet handouts for demonstration day printed professionally. We would like 200 to 300 sheets and will take as many as we can get for about $25.00 or more for the printing, depending on whether color is prohibitively expensive. Even if it costs over $25.00, we need plenty of them so as not to run out. Any left over sheets can be used at Hobby Lobby to advertise our guild meetings. Members can discuss details and costs of color printing with the group through email.

NEW TIME: Since there is now a class just before us that ends at 1:00, we have agreed to move our meeting time forward on half hour to 1:30, going to 4:30. Shirley moved we check with HL about the time change. Nance seconded. Approved. Jane will check with management to be sure this time works for them.

NOTE: Angela encouraged members to submit their polymer clay work to Polymer Cafe’s Reader Gallery, as they are always looking for high resolution photos of good polymer clay work. If you send some of your flickr site links to Polymer Cafe they may write to ask you for permission and / or for higher res pictures to use in the magazine.

7. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons):

Sept.- Pillow beads-Jane Oct.-Carving-Angela Nov..- Faux cloisonne, faux enamel- Angela Dec. - Members ideas - bring item to show finished results. April amended the list. Penni Jo will not be able to teach the faux cloisonne so moved it to 2011. Angela will teach the Faux Enamel in November.

8. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela - Balance - $628.15 - Members -10

9. BOH Report ~~ Nance Please bring finished BOH and take unfinished bottles home. Make more.

10. Librarian Report ~~ Jane: New library item- ) - Artful Ways with Polymer Clay by Dottie McMillan - (has been ordered but not arrived; to be seen next month)

11. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane: Clay Art for all Seasons.

12. Swap or Raffle Swap: August - anything made learned in guild. We had a giant paper clip with a Ruphia bead top, a fabulous Kali Cane and a pair of mokume gane earrings. Jane got the earrings, April got the paper clip and Penni Jo got the Kali cane.

Raffle:  September - Penni Jo, Nance and Starla, winners of July’s raffle to bring for this month’s raffle.

Next meeting:
September 11, 2010

At Hobby Lobby in Moore

August 10, 2010

Minutes of Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild meeting held July 10, 2010

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting July 10, 2010

Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting.

1. Introduce / welcome guests~~ Our guest was Starla Ballew. She brought a lot of lovely jewelry to the meeting for us to oohhh and aahhh over.

2. Show and Tell ~~ As usual there was much ooohing and aaaaahing as members showed their most recent creations. Jane showed the hand sculpted gum paste figures sculpted by herself and Penni Jo for Christian’s birthday cake. Lee Ann brought a beautiful necklace and wonderful two pins. Nance showed a lovely thisle ring. . April brought hollow vessels and hearts that blew us away.

3. Minutes ~~ Approved.

4. Program~~ Pinched Petal Necklace — We made canes from the colors we identified in our last meeting from the book Polymer Clay Color Inspirations. Members made skinner blends from multiple colors, created a blended cylinder and inserted the almond shaped skinner blend center into the blended cylinder. After reducing the cylinder to a long rope, slices cut from this cane went slowly from one color to another revealing a beautiful set of petal beads.

5. Old Business ~~

A. State Fair Reminder - be sure to sign up before the 14th of August!!

B. We discussed Penni Jo’s idea to a very simple retreat and have a two day event where we could learn, share and grow. She would like for us to think about the idea. Makin’s will send samples for an event or guild special event. Successes: PJ has been asked to make a project for the Makin’s website and has been tapped to teach at 2011 Fandango.

C. August 10th is the deadline for the PolymerCafe challenge “Mica Shift This”

D. We celebrated Angela’s tool article in the PolymerCafe magazine.

Reminder: Christi Fresian will be teaching in Liberty Mo Oct 23 & 24. for more info: .

E. Alberquerque workshops:

  1. Lindley Haunan Saturday Sept 26, $200.00.
  2. Jana Roberts Benzon April 2&3 2011
  3. Heather Campbell ‘Faux Batik’ Oct 2011
  4. Sarah Shriver Summer 2011

F. Shirley: reminder about the Midwest City Library needing items for their display cases. She will call for info. An email update was sent to the group recently. April seems good for everyone, so I have scheduled our guild display at the Midwest City Library for April, 2011.

6. New Business~~ None.

7. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons)

August - Air dry flowers - Nance - Deco Clay can be ordered from Piece Makers.

September - Pillow beads by Jane

October - Faux Enamel & Faux Cloisonne - Angela

November - Carving - Angela

December - Meeting to be members ideas

8. Treasurer’s Report~~ Angela Balance - $612.55 - Members - 10

9. BOH Report~~ Nance Nance has been out of the loop but is coming back.

10. Librarian Report ~~ Jane: Reported about the new DVD Claying Around with Lisa Palveka. Showed the newest PolymerCafe June issue.

11. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane: We drew for the new book, Artful Ways with Polymer Clay by Dottie McMillan.

12. Raffle / Swap

July Raffle winners were Nance, Penni Jo (2 items) and Starla.

August Swap ~~ Anything made using a technique learned at Guild

Next meeting August 14 at Hobby Lobby in Moore.

July 7, 2010

Minutes of Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild meeting held June 12, 2010

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting - June 12, 2010

Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting.

1. Introduce-welcome guests We had no visitors for guild but interested folks came in while cleaning up including an artist named Doris. She may be back.

2. Show and Tell Angela showed some fabulous items from her book, plant sticks and reviewed jewelry stuff from Michael’s, Premo kits, findings for clay at about $10.00 & new Premo products. Sue showed some more of her fabulous jewelry including some great faux wood. Shirley cautioned us about the cutter edge of a waxed paper box and displayed a bandaged finger. Penni Jo showed her faux Ribbon Embroidery samples. I forget if Lee Ann had a show and tell, but I think so. If I don’t write it down, it didn’t happen it seems.

3. Program: We made a royal mess on the tables as we ripped and tore color pages from every kind of magazine that there is. Lee Ann left with a wonderful collage of “her” colors that everyone said was just “her”. The color lesson was from the book “Polymer Clay Color Inspirations”. Next month we will make a necklace project from the book using the colors we love.

Penni Jo talked about the importance of Value and color selection. We will like our projects and finished products better if they reflect our true color selection with good values.

4.Old Business: Minutes were read and approved. State Fair, : We will do the demo on Saturday Sept 19th from 1-5?. Sign up for the fair can be done starting July 1st through Aug 14 on line or at the fair grounds. July 31st can be a play day for us to work on fair projects.

5.New Business: A. Penni Jo asked if we could plan a very simple retreat and have a two day event where we could learn, share and grow. Something to think about. Makin’s will send samples for an event or guild special event. Successes: PJ has been asked to make a project for the Makin’s website and has been tapped to teach at 2011 Fandango. B. Christi Fresien will be teaching in Kansas City. See Angela for more details. C. Alberquerque workshops

  1. Lindley Haunan Saturday Sept 26, $200.00.
  2. Jana Roberts Benzon April 2&3 2011
  3. Heather Campbell ?Faux Batik? Oct 2011
  4. Sarah Shriver Summer 2011 D. PolymerCafe Challenge Winter White E. Angela has an article in next (current) PolymerCafe on tools.

6. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons): July- Penni Jo will teach the necklace from the book “Polymer Clay Color Inspirations”. Her class has been moved to November. Aug - Air dry clay Nance Sept - Pillow beads - Jane Oct - Faux Enamel & Faux Cloisonne - Angela Nov. - Carving — Angela

7. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela Balance $612.55 Members 10

*8. BOH Report ~~ Nance * Not in attendance.

9. Librarian Report ~~ Jane: Jane reviewed the new color book. Excellent info and color collections. * 10. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:* New DVD “Poly Clay Treasures”

*11A. June swap: *No one but PJ had any pairs so she kept her pear earrings.

11. Raffle Winners to bring items: Nance, Lee Ann & Jane: * Next meeting July 10 at the Hobby Lobby in Moore 1:00 to 4:00 pm *

June 9, 2010

May 2010 Meeting Notes

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting May 08, 2010

Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting.

  1. Introduce / welcome guests - We had no guests this meeting.

  2. Show and Tell As usual there was much ooohing and aaaaahing as members showed their most recent creations. Jane had a mica shift pendant necklace. Lee Ann brought her Ruphia bead and finished vessel. Nance passed around the air dry flowers that she will be teaching. Penni Jo showed her focal beads.

  3. Program: Faux Embroidery by Penni Jo ( was pointy flowers) Because of the enthusiastic response she completed the technique, submitted a syllabus to the Fandango and was accepted as one of three teachers for 2010.

  4. Old Business: Ruth reported on the Art Festival. People asked questions but there were no info sheets about the clay and our guild. Next year we need a handout and need to find out if we can demo. Also, the table needs to be rearranged for better display and viewing. In order to be part of the Art Festival next year, we need to have classes at least one center. Having classes with children and adults was discussed. If classes are taught for children then the center can supply the clay. Ruth - maybe develope kids programs in the centers. Jane, PJ & others to develop programs to teach teachers. There were a lot of positive comments about our display.

  5. New Business: a. State Fair: I reported for Angela. Enrollment for fair is July 1 through Aug 16. We also talked about demonstrating on the first Sunday again this year. b. Play Day. It was suggested we might use our play days to prepare our state fair entries. Email Jane if you want to participate in Play Days.

  6. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons): June - Color collage (AKA design board) - exercise from the color book. Everyone bring 5 magazines, we will tear out colors, and pallets that we like and learn to make a color collage that can help us choose clay colors for caning, sculpting and designing. Also, if you like bring your favorite colors of clay, paint chips, silk flowers, etc. This promises to be an exciting, revealing and helpful project. July- Carving by Angela Aug - Air dry clay Nance Sept - Pillow beads - Jane Oct - Faux Enamel & Faux Cloisonne - Angela

  7. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela Balance - $640.27 Members - 10

  8. BOH Report ~~ Nance Nance is needing medium sized bottles and has contacted Norman Regional again.

  9. Librarian Report ~~ Jane: Jane reviewed the new book Perfectly Paired.

  10. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane: We drew for the new book, Color Index by Jim Krause.

  11. Raffle Winners of last raffle brought items to the meeting. Winner to bring something to next raffle: Nance, Jane, Lee Ann

  12. June Swap ~~ Pairs — bring any pair of anything to swap. Even a pair of pears.

Next meeting June 12 at 1:00 pm at the new Hobby Lobby in Moore.

April 3, 2010

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting ~ March 10, 2010

Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting, unloading tools and clay. The April meeting will be at theSouthern Oaks Recreational Center, 400 S. W. 66th Street, Oklahoma City, OK, 73139-8720 starting at 6:00 PM.

1.Introduce / welcome guests There were no guests this week.

2.Show and Tell Along with the visiting and set up, we had a rather casual “Show and Tell”. Members showed their beautiful clay creations while we oooohed and ahhhed and unpacked out tools and clay. After everyone had begun to work on the clay for the project; President Jane Linn began our meeting.Those that had not participated in the earlier “Show and Tell”, passed their artworks around.

Program: April was not able to teach the second half of her project ‘Hollow Vessels’ due to a death in the family. Penni Jo offered to teach a bead lesson that she saw while visiting the Corpus Christi Polymer Clay Guild in January. ‘Ruphia’s Indian bead using the Inside-Out Bead Technique’ This intriguing bead has a four sided face with braids and is a great use of scrap clay. The fabulous patterns formed by turning the twisted clay inside out looks like a colorful blanket. Ruphia is the president of the Corpus Christi Polymer Clay Guild. Penni Jo offered to teach the lesson after receiving permission from Ruphia.

3.Old Business: Angela has been working on a new book and even though it arrived overnight a day late at the publishing house, the publishers were delighted with her work and projects. So much so, that they may be using one of her project pics on the cover! We were all so excited over her success and enjoyed seeing samples of 13 of the projects she designed, executed and photographed for the book. She is also working on a DVD to go with the book. Go Angela!!!

4. New Business: Kay Strange was officially introduced as our newest member. Welcome Kay! This is a great group of helpful and kind folks.
Jane showed the new PolymerCafe´ magazine. Jane and Angela both placed in the magazine challenge “Faux Finishes” Jane won second place, Angela won third. Way to Go Gals!!! Angela also had an article in the magazine and a pic of her project was on the cover!!!! Next month’s challenge is ‘Leaves, Leaves Everywhere’. Entry Deadline is April 10th for the September/October Magazine. Shirley will be displaying her work maybe this year. She will email the group with more info. Since there is no secure area at the Rec Center for our books, it was voted to allow the Librarian, Jane to buy one or two rolling boxes with collapsible handles in which to store and move the books from her car to the meetings. Our library has grown and is more cumbersome to move.

5. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons): We talked briefly about the idea of having a quick cane making demo or other quick tip at the start of each meeting. This was well received. Next, members to volunteer? This way we all can grow in our knowledge of this beautiful craft.

April - Hollow Vessels part 2 April - can’t wait for this lesson!! May - Faux silk embroidery using slivers of old skinner blends to emulate the shapes formed in silk embroidery. Flowers and delicate detail created on a clay pendant or bead using slivers or tiny balls of ombre or verigated clay made from skinner blends.

Purple sliver flowers on faux ivory close up view

Also demonstrated, by Penni Jo, late in the meeting was “Unraveling the mystery of Skinner Blends” answering, to the best of her abilities, questions such as “How can I make a very narrow blend?” (a row of round magnets on the rollers to prevent the clay from spreading out) and “How do I choose colors to achieve a specific blend”. (Value is as important as color and darks can overwhelm a lighter color if the color is even slightly transparent. Adjust a lighter color to be more opaque when blending with a much darker color.)

6. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela Balance - $648.69 Members - 10

7. BOH Report ~~ Nance Nance was absent but we were reminded Angela reminded us of the North Texas Guild’s Bottle of Hope contest. Here is the link - Entries must be shipped to arrive by April 18, 2010. There are cash prizes for the winners. Check it out.

8. Librarian Report ~~ Jane: Jane showed our newest book Lisa Palveka’s ‘Complete Book of Polymer Clay’.

9. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane: Be sure to bring the name of that ‘I just have to read this’ book for the book drawing.

10. April Swap ~~ Jane and April: The March raffle was won by Jane, Penni Jo and Ruth. The next raffle will be in May. Each winner will bring items for raffle in May. We talked briefly about one of the canes to make might be a *Poker Chip *cane, slices of which could be used to ‘buy’ chances on the raffle. ( Wouldn’t it be fun to have a poker chip swap? Everyone’s would be so very different. ) The April swap will be Spring Flowers. Bring your happy spring item and join the swap. Any spring themed item can be entered. Think birdies, flowers, rain, violets, pansies, lavender, pale pink, blue and yellow, think new life and new joy.

Next meeting April 14, 6:00 at the Rec Center. Looking forward to finishing my Hollow Vessel and seeing all of you. Please excuse all the exclamation points, but it was such an exciting meeting. Your excitable secretary, Penni Jo.

February 4, 2010

January 2010 Meeting Notes

There were six members present at our first meeting of the new year. We began with Show and Tell. Angela M. has been asked to create a piece for the next Synergy. She showed her “Idea Tree,” which she had created from old spools, recycled materials, and polymer clay. She also showed two items she had bought from the new Art-O-Mat dispenser at City Arts Center in Oklahoma City.


Lee Ann presented two excellent techniques, making faux wood and creating a pendant using a different mica shift technique, along with a handout with very clear directions.

Business Meeting

Old Business

Election and Installation of Officers: The following officers were elected by acclamation:

  • President - Jane L.
  • Vice President - April G.
  • Secretary - Penni Jo C.
  • Treasurer and Web Master - Angela M.

The position of librarian will be decided later.

Annual dues were collected by the treasurer.

Next month’s meeting will be held at Southern Oaks Recreation Center, 66th and South Walker, on Wednesday, February 10, from 6-9 p.m..

There was no new business.

Officers Reports: V.P April G. reviewed our upcoming meeting schedule:

  • February 10 - Hollow Vessels with April G.
  • March (10 or 13, TBA) - continuing Hollow Vessels with April
  • April (10 or 14, TBA) - Penni Jo’s “pointy flowers” and leaf canes from Skinner Blend
  • May - Color Collage project from Maggie Maggio’s color book

Treasurer’s Report: Angela reported a balance of $411.86, plus the dues that had been paid during the meeting. Our membership stands at 8.

Bottles of Hope: Nance again asked for volunteers to take over her Tuesday morning BOH project at Norman Regional Hospital, as she will have a schedule conflict beginning soon.

Library Report: Librarian Jane L. praised our latest purchase, Clay So Cute, by Sherri Haab, for having excellent tips and instructions and good “trendy” projects. She would recommend it for beginners and for teenagers.

Drawing for a new addition for the guild library: The DVD Intricate Kaleidoscope Caning, by Sarah Shriver, was drawn and will be purchased this month.

Bi-Monthly Raffle: April, Angela, and Jane were the raffle winners and will bring items for the March raffle.

Announcements: The theme for the swap at February’s meeting will be “red and/or pink.”

Jane reminded us that our own Angela M.’s segment on HGTV’s That’s Clever will be aired Tuesday, January 19th.

December 15, 2009

December 2009 Meeting Notes

Our December meeting was a lot of fun, with all eight members in attendance! Most brought Christmas ideas and projects to share, so we all went home with a wealth of new techniques and projects to try. April had made a wreath in the delicate, detailed style she is known for. Lee Ann brought a little Santa on a platform, surrounded by clay “candies.” Jane made a snowman from clear ornaments and provided a detailed handout, complete with color photos! Penni Jo and Jane had decorated Christmas balls with extrusions, transfers, and jewels. Angela did an interesting project incorporating a flocking product into her clay. Nance made a snowman pin. Penni Jo demonstrated a method for coating the inside of clear glass ornaments with packaged snowflakes, and Sue demonstrated her recent success making lentil beads. Pictured here are the projects by April, Lee Ann, Jane, and Penni Jo and Jane: Polymer Clay 14 sm_trm_trm2.jpg

Polymer Clay 1 sm_trmAdj.jpg

Polymer Clay 4 sm_trmAdj.jpg

Polymer Clay 5 sm_trmAdj.jpg

Business Meeting: Old Business:

  • Field Trips: Jane asked whether we would like to have more “field trips” like our November meeting at Elements Beadery, and several members were in favor of more such trips.
  • Meeting Location: We also continued our discussion about changing our meeting place to Southern Oaks Recreation Center, the second Wednesday of each month, from 6-9 p.m. Penni Jo will check to see whether that time slot is open, and if it is, we will try to meet there in February to try it out.

New Business:

Annual Guild Elections will be held in January. Descriptions of the duties of officers are available online. We were reminded that it has been advantageous for an officer to serve for two years, although this is not mamdatory. After two years, Angela said she feels it is beneficial in most cases for a new person to take the position. We did make exception for treasurer/web master, as it is simpler to have one person continue in those positions. Although there were some conditional volunteers for librarian, the position was left open until storage issues can be addressed. After some discussion, the following slate of officers emerged:

  • President - Jane L.
  • Vice-President - April G.
  • Secretary - Penni Jo C.
  • Treasurer and Web Master - Angela M.
  • Librarian - TBA

Nance R. will continue in two volunteer positions, BOH Coordinator and Photographer.

Officer Reports: Program Schedule: Vice-President April G. reviewed our upcoming meeting schedule. Some of the dates depend upon whether we permanently change our meeting place and time:

  • January 9 - Mica Shift with Lee Ann
  • February 13 - (first evening meeting) - Hollow Vessels with April
  • March (10 or 13, TBA) - continuing Hollow Vessels with April
  • April (10 or 14, TBA) - Penni Jo’s “pointy flowers” and leaf canes from Skinner Blend

Treasurer’s Report: Angela reported a balance of $387.37 and 8 members.

Bottles of Hope: Nance asked for substitute instructors to teach at Norman Hospital beginning toward the end of January, as she will have a schedule conflict. Nance will be teaching children who are cancer patients at Baptist Hospital on Tuesday mornings. She asked members to check for other area hospitals with cancer units, so we can begin more projects to give away Bottles of Hope. She also mentioned that we are running short of the medium-sized bottles, and those will be the best size to use with the children.

Library Report: Jane talked about our November purchase, Food Miniatures, and found inspiring ideas in The Best of Stringing, one of our December purchases. She found Beading 101 and Beyond a great resource for basic information.

Library Drawing: Clay So Cute, by Sherri Haab, was the winning book and will be purchased for our library this month.

Announcements: Angela Mabray’s taped segment for the television show That’s Clever will finally be aired on January 19th.

After the meeting, members who wished to participate did an exchange of Christmas projects.

December 5, 2009

November 2009 Meeting Notes


This month our guild met at Elements Beadery in Bethany, OK, to learn about jewelry finishing techniques and the use of appropriate findings. Seven members were present. Thanks to Elements staff member, Pat Dorety, we had two delightful hours learning to solve our jewelry-making problems and exploring the many wonderful beads and findings at the store. Pictured (right), Pat helps several members complete projects they had brought with them.

After our visit, we held our business meeting over lunch at a nearby tearoom. IMG_6282_finalbest.jpg

Business Meeting:

Old Business:

  • HOLD IT: THE CONTAINER SHOW: Congratulations are in order for members Penni Jo C.and Jane L., (polymer clay) and April G., (pottery/ceramics) who all have had pieces accepted in the Paseo Art Association’s juried competition. The show will run until November 28th. The Paseo gallery is open Wed. - Sat., noon until 4 p.m. The artists and their works are pictured at the end of this article.

  • Use of Guild’s Flickr Site: Angela reported that she had carried out the group’s decision to reserve the use of our Flickr site for paid members only.

New Business:

  • Meeting Space: Penni Jo reminded us to visit the larger meeting space at Southern Oaks Recreation Center, at 66th and S. Walker. The facility has good equipment, including an accurate baking oven. It is only available 6-9 p.m. weekdays, however, so we would have to change our meeting time.
  • One of Our Members is an Author: Angela Mabray has been asked to be a co-author of a new polymer clay book, and has been working on the chapters she is responsible for. We congratulate our talented Angela on this well-deserved opportunity!

Reports: Upcoming Meetings: V.P. April G. reviewed our revised meeting schedule:

  • December 12: Members will show and explain Christmas items they have made
  • January 9: Mica Shift with Lee Ann K.
  • February 13: Hollow Vessels with April G.
  • March 13: Hollow Vessels, continued
  • April 10: Flowers from Skinner Scraps with Penni Jo C.

Treasurer’s Report: Angela M. reported a balance of $410.31, and a total of 8 members.

Bottles of Hope: Chair Nance R. reported that she will be doing the bottles with cancer patients who are under age 18 soon, at an (as yet) undisclosed location.

Librarian’s Report: Angela reported that our newest purchase, The Polymer Clay Cookbook, by Jessica and Susan Partain, contains a great recipe for a sugar scrub to help remove clay from your hands.

Library Drawing: Instead of drawing this month, we purchased for our library two books from the bead shop, Beading 101, published by Hot Off The Press, and The Best of Stringing 2009, an Interweave Press publication.

No raffle was held this month.




After a delightful lunch in a beautiful setting, several members went to the Paseo gallery to see our members’ work in the container show. Pictured are (l-r) Penni Jo, Jane, and April with their work. All works: © all rights reserved.

October 17, 2009

October 2009 Meeting Notes

Many thanks to Nance R. and Jane L. for graciously writing up these meeting notes in the absence of the secretary.

Seven members were present at our October meeting. We had a great demonstration of the “Starry Night” technique from Jane Linn, with reminders and a graphic to show us to be sure to include three intensities of color in our design: very light, medium, and fairly dark, so it would make the design pop.

Penni Jo gave us a demo in making feathers using the Starry Night pattern we had just completed.

Business Meeting: Reports:

Upcoming Meetings: April G. reviewed the meeting schedule:

  • November 21: We will meet at Elements Beadery in Bethany, where a staff member will give pointers on finishing our jewelry.
  • December 12: Christmas Decorations/Giftables
  • January 9: Mica Shift Technique with Lee Ann

Treasurer’s Report: Angela reported a balance of $476.77.

Librarian’s Report: Jane L. reviewed our newest library purchase, PolyPens: Polymer Clay Pen Sets by Linda Peterson. She felt that it provides beginners with good instructions for making some fun and practical pen projects, as well as providing inspiring ideas for more advanced clayers.

Old Business

  • State Fair Guild Demo and Competition: The group evaluated the project and made the following suggestions for the future:

    1. Have a sign-up list at the demo table where interested visitors could list their phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

    2. Add to the back of our guild handout flyer some basic information about polymer clay and supplies to bring to the first meeting or to get started.

    3. Consider having members do the demonstration in shifts.

    4. Members thought the display of our banner, raised and behind the demo table was excellent.

    5. On the demo table, have a display of finished projects that show the diversity of the medium, along with a sign that says, “You can do this with polymer clay.”

    6. We discussed adding two additional categories for the competition, one for childrens’ work, and one for miniatures. It was also suggested that we break beads and buttons into two separate categories.

New Business:

  • Meeting Space: Penni Jo invited us to visit the spacious facility at Southern Oaks Recreation Center, where she teaches her Thursday night class. We have discussed the need for more space at our meetings, and this space would give us room to grow. However, it is not open on weekends, so we would have to change our meeting time.

Announcements: Angela updated us on several crafts shows and competitions in the area.

Library Drawing: The winning suugestion for purchase this month was The Polymer Clay Cookbook: Tiny Food Jewelry to Whip Up and Wear, by Jessica and Susan Partain.

Show and Tell: Guild members brought their state fair entries to show, and all were incredible! Most were put in the Hobby Lobby display case at the front of the store.

No raffle was held this month.

October 1, 2009

Group Makes First State Fair Appearance

The Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild made its first official appearance at the Oklahoma State Fair this year, taking part in both competitions and demonstrations.

Creative Arts Competition


The group sponsored the new Polymer Clay Creations category in the Creative Arts competition. There were 20+ entries (including at least 1 entry from outside the group) in the 4 classes. Esteemed group president Jane Linn walked away with first prize in 3 of the 4 classes, with Penni Jo Couch taking first in the other class. Jane also won the $25 Best of Show award donated by the group. See full results here. [PDF]

Polymer Clay Demonstration

Polymer Clay Demo (Photo by Ed)

On September 20, several group members spent the day demonstrating various polymer clay techniques to fair visitors. The demo tables were set up near the Creative Arts display cases, which proved to be a great spot. The group handed out lots of fliers and talked to many friendly and interested passers-by. Hopefully a few will join us at our next meeting!

Polymer Clay Demo at the Oklahoma State Fair

Thanks to all who took part in the competitions and the demonstration — great work!

Photos courtesy of Shirley (top photo), Ed (middle), and Angela (bottom). More photos here.

September 22, 2009

September 2009 Meeting Notes

After beginning September’s meeting with Show and Tell, we got right down to business, with six members in attendance.

Angela Mabray’s lesson involved making nametags embellished with 3-dimensional molded items. Angela, whose Crafty Goat blog is widely known for its carefully researched reviews of books and materials, began by discussing several mold-making compounds, noting their strengths, weaknesses, and their appropriateness for different applications. This was accompanied by a detailed handout. We then made a nametag base and transferred a toner-based printout of our name to it. Last, we created molds of some small items from colored clay and attached them to the tags. Pictured is a nametag in progress. IMG_5543_trmAdj.jpg

Thanks to Angela for a well-organized lesson! Few finished during the meeting, but we hope to see some beautiful nametags next month.

Business Meeting:

Old Business:

  • Oklahoma State Fair Competition: Entries will be accepted September 12th from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and September 13, from 12:00 noon until 5:00 p.m. Enter the grounds through Gates 3 or 4, located off May Avenue.

  • State Fair Guild Demonstration: Angela distributed fair tickets and parking passes. She will e-mail everyone a map. It was decided that each member participating would choose a separate technique to demonstrate.

New Business:

  • Hobby Lobby Display: Jane L. announced that she had a new sign made and had purchased a new stand for our Hobby Lobby display.

  • Polymer Cafe Competition: Jane announced a contest sponsored by Polymer Cafe Magazine featuring faux techniques. She urged members to enter.


Vice President April G. led us in planning topics for our upcoming meetings:

  • October: Starry Night Cane and weave canes with Jane
  • November: Share a Tip Day
  • December: Faux Wood with Lee Ann
  • January: TBA
  • February and March: Hollow Vessels with April, a 2-part lesson

April asked whether we would be interested in a class on jewelry findings and their use. Everyone was in favor, so April will check with area bead stores to find a presenter. Additional program topics under discussion are calliedoscope canes, pietre dure mosaic, rose canes, polymer clay portraits, and mica shift.

Treasurer’s Report: Angela reported a balance of $501.01. We have 8 members.

Bottles of Hope: Nance R. reported that beginning next Tuesday, she will be teaching bottles of hope for the cancer support group during the second Tuesday of each month at Norman Regional Hospital.

Librarian’s Report: Jane L. brought attention to our newest issue of Polymer Cafe Magazine and Angela M. reviewed our newest library addition, Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes, by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio. She described it as an excellent and exhaustive workbook, akin to a college course in color, which might be too thorough for some, but very helpful for others. Angela also praised Maggie Maggio for her newly begun online “Saturday School”, with weekly excercises that go along with the book. Her web site is

Announcements: Angela Mabray will be teaching a class September 27th at the Craft Weekend at Downtown DIY. She distributed cards. Craft Weekend will provide a location where people can come to participate in a full two days of crafting.

Drawing for a new library book: Polypens, by Linda Peterson was the winning item and will be purchased by the guild this month.

Bi-monthly Raffle: Winners of the raffle items were Nance, April, and Lee Ann. As winners, they will be responsible for bringing items for the next raffle, in November.

October Swap: October will be a swap month, and the theme will be “canes.” Any member may participate by bringing one, two, or three canes, adding up to a total of 3 inches of cane to swap with others.

August 20, 2009

August 2009 Meeting Notes

Special thanks to our treasurer, April G., for once again taking notes during the August meeting in the absence of the secretary.

Seven members attended our August meeting, and President Jane L. also welcomed two guests, Julie and her daughter Anna.

We began with Show and Tell, with the majority of members present participating! Angela M. brought a necklace and bracelet. Penni Jo C. showed a tile made with the Pietra Dure technique, from Sue Heaser’s book. Sue M. brought a bracelet made with an unusual technique and a Bottle of Hope she made using one of the techniques we learned at our July meeting. Jane L. showed a small fish sculpture she made using the “lamella” technique. What an active and creative group of clayers we have! Reflecting our concern about transporting our clay in the car in the summer heat, Nance R. displayed an insulated bag she purchased to carry her clay. She bought it at Barnes and Noble.

Program: April Gregory taught us her technique for making several different flower canes. As always, she presented a great lesson.

Business Meeting:

Old Business:

  • State Fair Entries: Jane reminded everyone of the August 15th deadline for submitting entry forms for the new polymer clay category. She handed out entry forms , although it is possible to register online at www.okstatefair. com/creativearts.asp.

  • State Fair Clay Demonstration: Angela discussed our demonstration at the fair, scheduled from 2-7 p.m. on Sunday, September 20th. Six members, Angela, Jane, Nance, Sue, Lee Ann, and Penni Jo, stated that they would be available to participate. Angela suggested that everyone choose their own individual technique to demonstrate, and Penni Jo suggested that everyone could work on covering a medicine bottle for the Bottles of Hope program. Angela will be contacting the fair authorities to obtain parking passes and tickets for those participating.

New Business:

  • Guild Hobby Lobby Display: Sue moved that the group replace the guild display board at the entrance of the Norman Hobby Lobby because it has become badly worn. The group voted to approve an expenditure of about $10.00 to replace it.

  • Jane brought magnetic name tag clips for purchase. They are $1.00 each.

Reports: Treasurer’s Report: At last count, our balance was $506.46, and Angela said that about $10-12 more had been received since then. We currently have 8 members.

Meeting Schedule: Vice President April G. reviewed our program schedule as follows:

  • September 12 - “Starry Night” Cane and Weave Cane, with Jane
  • October 10 - Mold Making and Nametags, with Angela
  • November 14 - Share a Tip Day
  • December 12 - Faux Wood with Lee Ann

Bottles of Hope Report: Nance announced that the Bottles of Hope which we donated to Norman Hospital in June are on display in their cancer ward.

Library Report: Angela reviewed the book we ordered last month, Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry: Fresh Techniques, Projects, and Inspiration, by Shirley Rufener She stated that while she appreciated the variety of mixed media techniques introduced, the book itself seemed disjointed and lacking in cohesion.

Library Book Drawing: This month, the book Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes, by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio.

Bi-monthly Guild Swap: This month was swap month, and items were to reflect a nautical or ocean theme. Angela and Nance participated.

Reminder: September will be a raffle month. July’s raffle winners were April G., Sue M., and Shirley C., and they will be responsible for bringing items for the next raffle.

July 14, 2009

July 2009 Meeting Notes

Six members and two guests came to our July meeting. Our two guests had seen our Bottles of Hope at Norman Hospital and wanted to learn how to make them.

We began with Show and Tell. Sue M. brought some of the lovely work produced by the Full Circle Senior Day Care, where she volunteers. Nance R. showed two beautifully done clay-covered pens. She also circulated photos of a wonderful pottery sculpture made by our own April G., entitled “Hopi Woman.” The piece has been in an exhibit at a Tulsa gallery and was recently sold. Congratulations, April!

Program: We had a good time as April G. taught us two useful techniques: First, we made lamella, a loaf consisting of alternating layers of translucent clay and gold leaf. Slices of it can be used to decorate clay projects. Second, we learned a simple way to make a polymer clay striped slab. April provided excellent written instructions, complete with diagrams. By the end of the meeting, some had already applied their slabs to empty medicine bottles, well on their way to finshing Bottles of Hope! Thank you, April!

Business Meeting:

Old Business

  • 2009 State Fair Polymer Clay Competition: August 15th is the deadline for submitting entry forms. It is now possible to register online: [].

  • State Fair Polymer Clay Demonstration: Angela received confirmation that our demonstration is scheduled for 2-7 p.m. on Sunday, September 20. All members are asked to check their calendars bacause next month we will need to give the fair officials the exact number of particpants in the demonstration.

  • Jane reminded us that Angela’s segment on HGTV’s That’s Clever is scheduled to air on July 20th.

New Business: There was no new business.

Reports: Vice President April G. announced the program schedule for upcoming meetings:

  • August: Mica Shift with outside instructor and former member Christy Wright

  • September:Starry Night Cane with Jane L.

  • October: Mold Making & Nametags with Angela M.

  • November: Share a Tip Day

  • December: Faux Wood with Lee Ann K.

Treasurer: Our balance is $518.09, and our membership remains at 8.

Bottles of Hope: Regarding our donation of bottles to the oncology section at Norman Hospital last month, Coordinator Nance R. reported that they love the bottles. They requested cards with information about Bottles of Hope, and Nance will provide them. Nance also reported that she will be doing a BOH project with the hospital’s cancer support group in September. The support group meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Library: LIbrarian Jane L. pointed out two articles of special interest to our guild in the newest issue of Polymer Cafe magazine, one on translucent layering, and one on steampunk. Jane had not seen our newest book purchase, Ancient Modern: Polymer Clay and Wire Jewelry, by Ronna Sarvas Weltman, before the meeting, so Shirley C. gave a review and included parts of a review Angela had published on her blog [].

Drawing for a New Library Book: Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry: Fresh Techniques, Projects, and Inspiration, by Shirley Rufener was the winning title and will be purchased for our library this month.

Bi-Monthly Raffle: Items were provided by the winners of May’s raffle. There were three winners this month, Sue M, Shirley C., and a mystery person who shall remain nameless until she comes forward and refreshes the secretary’s memory - at which time her name will be inserted here.

August Swap: The theme of our next swap will be “nautical/ ocean.”

June 30, 2009

June 2009 Meeting Notes


Our June meeting included a special, long-awaited event. The Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild presented a number of Bottles of Hope to the cancer care center at Norman Regional Hospital. These empty medicine bottles, decorated by our members with original clay designs, will be given to cancer patients at Norman Regional as a message of hope and encouragement. This was the first event toward culmination of a long-term project by guild members. The guild hopes to give away many more of its Bottles of Hope to cancer patients or survivors at other facilities. Pictured at right are, back row L-R: Penni Jo Couch; Lee Ann Kelley; Guild Bottles of Hope Coordinator Nance Ross; Eva Dilks, representing Norman Regional Hospital; and Guild President Jane Linn. Front row: Sue McCarrell and Guild Treasurer Angela Mabray. For an enlarged view, click on the image.

Seven members attended our meeting, and several brought items for Show and Tell.
Jane L. showed magnetic nametag backs that eliminate the necessity for clothing-piercing pinbacks. They can be ordered in bulk. Angela M. brought two projects she had made trying out Bakeshop Clay, using ideas from Polymer Clay Mixed Media Jewelry, by Shirley Ruffner. Sue M. brought a stamped pendant painted with metallic paint. Penni Jo C. brought projects she will be teaching at Southern Oaks Recreation Center in Oklahoma City in September. She also explained a method of laser image transfer using baking parchment. Jane L. and Shirley C. showed finished and partially—finished pieces they had made in the Kathleen Dustin workshop in Albuquerque, from which they had just returned the day before. A third member, April G., was still in Albuquerque, attending a second Dustin workshop. We look forward to seeing her projects.

Program: Nance R. led the group in a steampunk project. Nance provided some hardware for the steampunk look, and other members brought their own items. Each member designed a project, with some very creative results.



IMG_4426.JPG Right: Steampunk projects by (l-r) Penni Jo C., Lee Ann K., and Angela M.:

Business Meeting: Old Business:

  • COPCG Banner: Jane thanked Angela for making a pen and pencil set as a thank you gift for the owner of Fast Signs, the company that made our banner. The group voted to reimburse Angela for expenses incurred.
  • 2009 State Fair: Angela reported that the State Fair booklet has listed our new polymer clay category correctly. She brought entry forms and urged members to enter as many items as possible, in order to support the new category. Entrants are permitted one entry per class.

There was no new business.


Program Coordinator: April G. reviewed our upcoming meeting schedule, as follows:

  • July 11- Flower Canes with April G.
  • August 8 - Mica Shift with guest Christy Wright

Treasurer: Angela M. reported a balance of $541.44 in our treasury. We currently have 8 members.

Librarian: Librarian Jane L. announced the arrival of our latest library purchase, The New Clay, by Nan Roche. Penni Jo gave book reports on two books in our library, Elegant Gifts in Polymer Clay, by Lisa Pavelka, and Creative Canes, by Barbara McGuire. She told us that the latter is crammed with great projects, but that the instructions are not very thorough. Jane conducted our monthly library drawing, and the winner was : Ancient Modern: Polymer Clay and Wire Jewelry by Ronna Sarvas Weltman. This book will be purchased for the guild library this month.

Tulsa Guild Swap: The swap with the Tulsa Polymer Clay Guild was completed, as swap items received from that group were distributed to those of our members who had participated.

July Raffle: Members who won the raffle in May will bring items for the July raffle. They are: Angela - one, Nance - one, and Lee Ann - two.

Announcements: Our own Angela M. was taped for a segment of HGTV’s That’s Clever some months ago. The segment may be aired on HGTV on July 20th.

June 4, 2009

May 2009 Meeting Notes

Special thanks to April G. for taking notes and writing up these minutes in the absence of the guild secretary.

Our May meeting was held at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, where we did demonstrations at the Deluxe Craft Fair Bazaar. Members present were Angela, April G., Jane, Lee Ann, Nance, and Penni Jo. Various people attending the craft fair stopped by and chatted. Nance hosted several mini Bottles of Hope demonstrations for people who stopped by. Other members also participated in telling interested people about the merits of polymer clay. Angela’s new little son, Sam, paid the group a visit, and he is getting bigger and handsomer than ever. He was all smiles and quite the cutest thing around.

Show and Tell: Angela, April, Lee Ann, Nance and Penni Jo all brought many lovely items to display for the public.

Old Business:

  • Guild Banner: The banner was generously supplied to us at half the original cost by the owner of Fast Signs. However, due to communication errors, our web address and the wording, “That’s Polymer Clay?” were left off the banner. The options are to either place the web address on the banner at a later time for no additional cost, or to have Fast Signs create a new banner with our original design concept, at an adfditional half price cost. It was decided to have the company add the web address and not incur any additional costs. Angela will be making a pen and April will be sending a note along with it as a thank you gift from our group to the owner of Fast Signs for his kind discount.

  • State Fair Competition and Demonstration: Angela had no new information to report, but is still in communication with the State Fair staff. The demonstration will be at the state fair grounds during the fair in September.

  • Guild Hobby Lobby Display: Jane presented instructions on how to set up the display case.

New Business:

  • April informed the group of the upcoming Celebration of Life and Art Exhibit at the Troy and Dollie Smith Cancer Center at Integris Baptist Medical Center on May 15th. The exhibit is free and open to anyone wishing to express with their art form how their lives have been impacted by some experience with cancer. Entry forms were handed out.

  • Angela will be attending the International Polymer Clay retreat in Chicago July 11-14. The Cost is $275.00 for the 3-day event. Several demonstrations and classes will be offered by well-known polymer clay artists.


Upcoming Meetings:

  • June 13: Steam Punk with Nance
  • July 11: Flower Canes with April
  • August 8: Mica Shift with former member and guest artist, Christine Wright
  • September 12: Starry Night technique with Jane
  • October 10: Mold Making and Nametags with Angela
  • November 14: Share-a-Tip Day
  • December 12: Faux Wood Grain with Lee Ann

Treasurer’s Report: We have six members, and our bank balance is $532.76

Library Report: Color Works, by Deb Menz is the newest addition to our library. It is a great reference book which discusses color in depth.

Bottles of Hope: Nance has been having trouble getting a response from the people she has contacted. April spoke with Pat Lynn Moses who is the art therapist for Integris Hospital’s Troy and Dollie Smith Cancer Center. She is interested in having somebody teach a Bottles of Hope class and is a great contact for possibly hosting a BOH event. The information was given to Nance, who will contact Pat Lynn Moses.

May 30th is our 5th Saturday, and Jane will ask Hobby Lobby if we can use the facilities.

Library Drawing: The title drawn for purchase next month is The New Clay, by Nan Roche.

Raffle: Angela and Lee Ann were the winners of the raffle. In June, we well have a swap. The theme will be “fruit.”

April 23, 2009

April 2009 Meeting Notes

President Jane Linn led us through a multi-stepped technique for creating faux granite with clay. Choices of colors and additives led each of us to different, but equally convincing results. Thanks to Jane for working very hard to prepare this project! We ran out of time and had to postpone the lesson on the Starry Night effect for a future meeting. There were six members present, and we welcomed three guests.

Business Meeting:

Old Business:

  • Deluxe Craft Fair: The guild will do a Bottles of Hope demonstration from 1-4 p.m. on May 9, at the state fairgrounds on Oklahoma City. Jane reported that we will have tables, chairs, and electricity available. Since the fair falls on our regular meeting day, we will try to hold our regular business meeting during the demonstration. Jane will notify everyone regarding what building we will be in.

  • Display Case at Norman Hobby Lobby: Since no one volunteered last month to be responsible for an entire year of keeping our guild display updated, we decided to rotate the responsibility among members. Each member signed up to take responsibility for a two-month period. The schedule will be: May-June 2009, Nance; July-August, April; September-October, Lee Ann; November-December, Jane; January-February 2010, Shirley; March (unfilled); April 2010, Penni Jo.

New Business:

We decided to investigate the cost of having a sign or banner made for the guild to display when it does public demonstrations and projects. April G. will check on costs, and Penni Jo will design a banner with our logo. We set a $100 limit for the project and gave Penni Jo full authority to place an order within those guidelines.


Programs: April surveyed the group regarding our interests for program topics. Our upcoming meeting schedule will be:

  • May 9: Bottles of Hope Demonstration at the Deluxe Craft Fair
  • June 13: Steampunk with Nance
  • July, August, September: mica shift, mold making for nametags, flower canes (schedule pending)

Treasurer’s report: In the absence of our treasurer, Jane reported a balance of $587.38 and a current membership of 8 people.

Bottles of Hope: Coordinator Nance R. said our bottles now umber about 70. She has not heard back from Norman Regional Hospital.

Library Report: Jane announced last month’s new purchase had arrived: Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls, by Angie Carr. Also the February choice, Elegant Gifts in Polymer Clay, by Lisa Pavelka, had arrived.

Library Drawing: We held our library drawing, and the book ColorWorks, by Deb Menz, will be our next library purchase.

Bi-Monthly Swap: Nance, Jane, and Penni Jo all brought items to swap. The next swap will be held in June, and the theme will be Fruit. At our May meeting, we will have a raffle. As winners of last month’s raffle, Nance and Shirley will bring the items to raffle.

Show and Tell: Everyone enjoyed the items brought by Lee Ann, Jane, and Penni Jo.

March 15, 2009

March 2009 Meeting Notes

We had fun at our March meeting, as member Nance Ross showed us how to make four different styles of bookmarks. The results were creative and varied! To see pictures of some of the completed projects, just click on the link to our Flickr site in the right hand column of your screen.

There were seven members present at the meeting, plus four guests who pariticipated enthusiastically!

Report of our business meeting:

Old Business: Jane pointed out that our Hobby Lobby display had not been updated for a long time and asked whether anyone would volunteer to take on this responsibility. No one present volunteered, so anyone who wishes to do this is asked contact Jane.

New Business

  • Deluxe Craft Fair:- Angela had new information on the fair, which will be May 9, at the State Fair Grounds, and thought we might wish to reconsider our decision not to participate. She reported that we have been offered a free table for demonstrations. We decided to take advantage of this as a good time to demonstrate making Bottles of Hope. Since the fair falls on our May meeting date, we will count it as our meeting and hold our business meeting, if necessary, via e-mail.

  • Oklahoma State Fair: Angela updated us on her discussions with the staff of the state fair. Our guild will have two 6-foot tables to do a demonstration on Sunday, September 20th, from 2 pm to 7 pm. Angela will need a count of participants at some point, and each participant may demonstrate a technique of his/her choice. Another exciting development is that we decided to initiate a separate polymer clay category for the state fair and sponsor a $25.00 prize for the “Best of Show.” We set up 4 classes for entries: 1. Sculptured; 2. Jewelry and Accessories; 3. Beads and Buttons; 4. Household and Functional

  • Opportunites for future demos: - Shirley asked whether the group would like her to list our guild with the Art in Public Spaces Program. The coordinator of the program often receives inquiries regarding groups that will do public demonstrations. The members voted to do this.


Upcoming Meeting Schedule: Vice President April G. led the group in revising our schedule as follows:

  • April 11: - Faux Marble Stones with Jane and Flower Petal Cane with April
  • May 9: - Meeting and demo of Bottles of Hope at Deluxe Craft Fair
  • June 13: - Inclusions in Clay with Nance
  • July 11: - Mica Shift (presenter not decided)

Treasurer’s Report: Angela reported expenses of $89.88 for our library, leaving a balance of $579.59. Currently, we have 8 members.

Bottles of Hope: Coordinator Nance said arrangements are being made to do an event at Norman Regional Hospital, date to be decided. The involved staff seems very supportive and has urged us to put messages in the bottles. Nance mentioned other possible partnership ideas she wants to pursue with the hospital.

Librarian’s Report: Jane gave glowing reviews of our two purchases for last month and also the newest issue of Polymer Cafe. Angela pointed out a useful tip in the magazine for maximizing oven space for group projects, suggesting we might want to adopt it for our meetings.

March Library Drawing: The book Making Mini Foods and Market Stalls, by Angie Scarr was selected for purchase this month.

March Raffle: Four raffle categories were brought for our bi-monthly raffle. Winners were particularly lucky this time: Nance (two items) and Shirley (two items). Nance and Shirley will bring raffle items for the May raffle. April will be a swap month, and the theme is “blue.” That should get creative imaginations flowing!

Show and Tell: Everyone admired the beautiful items brought by Lee Ann, Jane, and Nance.

February 14, 2009

February 2009 Meeting Notes

We all felt so liberated after Sue McCarrell taught us to make our own shape cutters for use with clay, using galvanized metal and solder. How great it is to be able to create shapes that are not found commercially! We were also treated to another demonstration by Penni Jo on multicolor skinner blends for flower petals and laser transfer. She showed us some wonderful examples she had made. Such talented members! It was a great meeting!

Business Meeting:

New Business: April G. discussed the possibility of participating in the DeluxeOK Craft Fair on May 9, in Oklahoma City. Some wondered whether we could get one booth as a group, but it was decided not to pursue the idea at this time.

President Jane L. asked members whether they had preferences regarding placement of the business portion of our meetings. We decided we should be flexible, tailoring the schedule around the needs of the instructor each time.


Our upcoming meeting schedule, as reviewed by Vice President April G.:

  • March 14: Polymer Clay Bookmarks with Nance
  • April 11: Faux Stone with Jane
  • May 9: Making Nametags, Share a Tip Day, & Rose Cane Technique with Penni Jo
  • June 13: Inclusions in Clay with Nance

Treasurer: Our account balance is $657.50, and we currently have 8 paid members.

Bottles of Hope: Coordinator Nance is trying to get in touch with the publicity coordinator of Norman Regional Hospital to arrange ana event. We have a good number of bottles ready to give away to cancer patients.

Guild Library: Jane gave our newest purchase, The Best of Bead and Button Magazine Polymer Pizzazz a very good review.

Library Drawing: We decided to purchase two suggested additions to our library this month. They are Elegant Gifts in Polymer Clay by Lisa Pavelka and Adapting Quilt Patterns to Polymer Clay by Judith Skinner and Sarajane Helm.

Swap: No one brought items for this month’s swap. March will be a raffle month. Last month’s winners, Sue M. and Angela M. will bring items to raffle, and our president asked that anyone else who would like to participate bring raffle items also.

Upcoming swap themes will be: April: Blue; June: Fruit.

Show and Tell: April, Jane, Nancy, Penni Jo, and Shirley brought items to show.

January 15, 2009

January 2009 Meeting Notes

Eight members attended our January meeting, when Lee Ann Kelley shared her “Swirlies” technique for covering three-dimensional shapes, such as boxes or glass balls. She brought some inspiring examples for us to see. Using our extruders, we made long strings of clay in our chosen colors and used them to create intricate designs to cover an object. Everyone seemed to love the process and several commented how relaxing it was. Many thanks to Lee Ann!

Business Meeting:

Vice President April G. reviewed our upcoming program schedule:

  • February 14: Soldered Cookie Cutters with Sue M.
  • March 14: Polymer Clay Bookmarks with Nance
  • April 11: Open

April circulated the list of suggested program topics, and the group brainstormed for more ideas. April will follow up on them.

Other Reports:

  • Library: Jane L. reviewed our newest issue of Polymer Cafe Magazine. Penni Jo talked about a good book that is not in our library; The Art of Polymer Clay: Millefiori Techniques, by Donna Kato.

  • Bottles of Hope: Coordinator Nance R. reported no new information. She will contact the PR Department of the hospital in Norman.

  • Treasurer: Angela reported a balance of $379.47 and a total of 13 members. She also reminded us that annual dues are due this month.

New Business:

The following new officers were elected: - President: Jane L. - Vice-President: April G. - Secretary: Shirley C. - Treasurer and Webmaster: Angela M. - Librarian: Jane L. - Bottles of Hope Coordinator: Nance R. - Photographer: Nance R.


Angela talked about the DeluxeOK Craft Fair to be held on May 9, at the Oklahoma State Fair Grounds in Oklahoma City. Applications are now being accepted for this juried event. The booth fee will be $30. More information is available at [].

Penni Jo announced that she had 1-ounce bottles of high gloss polycrylic varnish for sale for $1.00.

Library Drawing: Polymer Pizzazz, from Bead and Button Magazine won the drawing and will be purchased for our guild library this month.

Raffle: November’s raffle winners brought items for this month’s raffle. January winners were Sue M. and Angela M. These winners will bring raffle items for the March raffle.

February will be a swap month, and the theme is Birds. Other upcoming swap themes are: April - Blue and June - Fruit.

December 28, 2008

December 2008 Meeting Notes

Member Nance Ross’s instruction made making leaf canes easy, as she led the five other members present in making a Christmas tree ornament. Thanks also to Nance for her excellent instructional handout. Some participants managed to go on to decorate their trees, while others will finish them at home.

Business Meeting: Angela reviewed the schedule as it stands for our upcoming meetings:

  • January 10: Curly Strings with Lee Ann
  • February 14: open
  • March 14: Polymer Clay Bookmarks with Nance


  • Library: Jane gave a quick review of our two most recent purchases, Making Beautiful Beads, by Suzanne Tourtillott and Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Together At Last, by Christie Friesen.
  • Bottles of Hope: Nance said that we have about 50 bottles completed. No firm plans have been made for how we will give them away.
  • Treasurer: Angela reported income from the November raffle was $20. We spent $5.23 to ship our swap items to the Tulsa guild and to send a Bottle of Hope to Cindy M., leaving a new balance of $393.04. We currently have 13 members.

New Business:

Elections: Angela reminded everyone that new officers will be elected in January. The current list of nominees, including those who volunteered at the meeting, is:

  • President: Jane L.
  • Vice-President: April G.
  • Secretary: Shirley C.
  • Treasurer & Webmaster: Angela M.
  • Librarian: Jane L.
  • Bottles of Hope Coordinator: Nance R.
  • Photographer: Nance R.

Angela asked that anyone else who would like to run for an office notify her by December 19th. She also thanked the current officers for their service this year.

Membership Dues: Angela reminded the group that our annual dues will be due in January. She will send out notices in the next couple of weeks with each member’s final amount due after discounts.

Inclement Weather: Members can watch the website and email list for meeting cancellation notices.

Library Drawing: Donna Kato’s new book, The Art of Polymer Clay: Millefiori Techniques was the winner and will be purchased for our library.

Bi-monthly Swap: No one brought items to swap this month. The theme for our next swap, to be held in February, is Birds. Next month’s raffle items will be brought by last month’s winners, Magi, Nance, Penni Jo, and Shirley.

November 11, 2008

November 2008 Meeting Notes

There were ten participants at our November meeting, including two guests. We all had fun as Angela Mabray led us in making cute Christmas ornaments. Everyone seemed to have a slightly different take on the little mouse.

Member Sue M. gave everyone metal clay scrapers she had made. Thank you, Sue!

Business Meeting:

After introcuction of guests and members, Angela asked for reports.


April G. announced our updated meeting schedule:

  • November 29: Play Day in our regular meeting room at Hobby Lobby
  • December 13: Christmas Trees with Nance
  • January 10: Filigree with Lee Ann
  • February 14: open
  • March 14: Polymer Clay Bookmarks with Nance

Other reports:

  • Library: Jane announced that the new issue of Polymer Cafe magazine had arrived and was ready to check out.

  • Bottles of Hope: Nance announced that she had more bottles in her car, if anyone wanted to take some to work on.

  • Treasurer’s Report: Angela announced our current balance at $386.42. Our membership currently stands at 14.

New Business:

  • Workshop in Albuquerque: Shirley announced that Kathleen Dustin is scheduled to conduct two workshops in Albuquerque, NM in 2009: The first will be on June 10-11 and the second June, 13-14. Two members of our guild have signed up, and there is still more space. Shirley will email the contact information to anyone who is interested.


  • Craft in America Exhibit: Shirley spoke about the current fine craft exhibit at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Center, which continues through January 18, 2009. The show is a traveling exhibit of work featured in the PBS documentary series, Craft in America. She urged members to see the exhibit and will e-mail members the dates of scheduled lectures.

  • Penni Jo and Jane announced that they are having their first show during the craft show at Cleveland County Fairgrounds on Robinson in Norman, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Everyone wishes them well!

For our library drawing, we selected Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Together At Last, by Christie Friesen, to be purchased for our library this month.

We held our bi-monthly raffle. Guest Magi, and members Nance, Penni Jo, and Shirley were winners. They will be responsible for bringing the items for our next raffle, which will be in January. December will be a swap month, and the theme is Angels..

October 18, 2008

October 2008 Meeting Notes

What an interesting technique Jane Linn presented at our October meeting! With her guidance, eight members and three guests tried the layering effect, using layers liquid polymer clay, inclusions, and stamping. Thanks to Jane for all of her research in preparation for the meeting! Thanks also to new member Sue M., who had made sets of triangle cutters and very generously gave them away to any of us who wanted them!

Business Meeting:


April G. reviewed our meeting schedule:

  • Nov. 8: Christmas Ornaments with Angela
  • Nov. 29: 5th Saturday Play Day
  • Dec. 13: Christmas Trees with Nance
  • Jan. 10: (Open)

  • Library Report: Jane L. gave a very positive review of one of last month’s purchases, Polymer Clay Techniques, by Sue Heaser. It is available to check out.

  • Bottles of Hope Report: BOH coordinator Nance R. announced that we may have about 50 bottles. Telemundo aired a story on our BOH project on September 19 at 5 and 10 p.m. It included interviews with Angela M. and Nance R. Angela said she had sent members a link where they could view the broadcast. Angela also reported that she has taken initial steps to set up a BOH donation event for our guild at Mercy’s Cancer Resource Center and was expecting a call back to set up a time to show them the bottles and discuss details.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Angela reported a balance of $386.42 in our treasury. She had spent $11.74 to purchase more group clay at Hobby Lobby’s last sale. (Group clay is kept available for the use of first-time visitors.) Our membership currently stands at 14.

New Business:

  • Guild Website: Angela has set up a section where members can set up individual pages listing their specialties, linking to their websites, etc. She has sent an email with instructions and asked whether anyone had questions.
  • Elections: New officers will be elected in January. Angela reported that members may look at the list of officers and their responsibilities at []. As officers are limited to serving two years, Angela will be stepping down as president.

Library Drawing: There were no suggestions for a new title to purchase this month.

Bi-Monthly Swap: Four members brought items to swap. Next month we will be a raffle month. Winners of last month’s raffle, Lee Ann and Sue, will bring raffle items.

Swap themes for upcoming months are: December: Angels; February: Birds; April: Blue; June: Fruit.

Our meeting ended with a show of beautiful items made by members, including some wonderful necklaces and very creative Bottles of Hope.

September 14, 2008

September 2008 Meeting Notes

There were seven members and one guest at our September meeting. Before we adjourned, our guest became our newest member. Welcome Sue!

We had lots of fun trying out the mokume gane technique, under the tutelage of Nance Ross. Nance brought in lots of finished projects to show us, including pendants and covered pens and boxes. Thanks, Nance!

Business Meeting:

The schedule for upcoming meetings is:

  • Oct. 11: Translucent Layering with Jane
  • Nov. 8: Christmas Ornaments with Angela
  • Nov. 29: 5th Saturday Play Day
  • Dec. 13: Christmas Trees with Nance


  • Library: Jane called our attention to the newest issue of Polymer Cafe magazine, which will be added to our library. The August book selection had been postponed until September.

  • Bottles of Hope: Angela reported that our news story, taped at Studio Mid-Del, was aired on News 9 five different times during the day on Tuesday, September 9. BOH Coordinator Nance reported that we have had several calls and one email regarding the story. A woman who is a shut-in cancer survivor, and credits her cure to a miracle from the angels, requested an angel-themed bottle after seeing Penni Jo’s angel bottle in the news story. Nance is working with the Telemundo television station on another BOH story to be taped sometime this coming week at Studio Mid-Del and invited the participation of anyone who can come. BOH Donation Event: Our BOH mentor, Cindy, has asked that, if possible, we hold our event at Mercy Hospital’s Cancer Resource Center. Angela has a contact name there and will follow up. Angela said she believes we could hold our event when we have at least 50 bottles completed. Nance said that we now have about 30.

  • Treasurer: Angela reported a balance of $403.97 in our treasury and a total membership of 13.

New Business:

  • Temporary Replacement for Vice President and Webmaster: April S. will have to step down from her duties for a while. April G. offered to take over program scheduling duties, and Jane offered to take pictures at the meetings. A replacement for Webmaster was not found.

Old Business:

  • Meeting Space: Because we are growing too large for our current meeting space, Studio Mid-Del has been approached about the possibility that our guild could meet there. They will discuss it with their board.

  • Swap with Tulsa Guild: Angela has not heard back from her contact at the Tulsa Guild, so no date has been set.

The themes for our bi-monthly swaps are:
- October: Harvest - December: Angels - February: Birds - April: Blue - June: Fruit

We held a drawing for library purchases for both August and September. The two books to be purchased are Polymer Clay Techniques, by Sue Heaser and Making Beautiful Beads, by Suzanne Tourtillott.

The three winners of July’s raffle brought items for this month’s event. Winners were Lee Ann and new member Sue. The winners will bring items for November’s raffle.

For Show and Tell, we had an outstanding display. April G. brought an experimental bowl in which she combined pottery with polymer clay. Penni Jo brought kimono pendants and earrings that she had made, using the brocade effect. Angela brought some Bottles of Hope she had completed.

August 16, 2008

August 2008 Meeting Notes

Six members and two guests were present for our August meeting. Shirley led us in using two techniques to create ink jet transfers. Each transfer became a “tile” which can be used to make an elasticized bracelet. The instruction handout is available as a pdf file. Here is a link. InkJet Transfer Handout [PDF]

Future meetings are scheduled as follows:

  • August 30: Play Day
  • September 13: Mokume Gane with Nance
  • October 11: Translucent Layering with Jane
  • November 8: Open
  • November 29: Play Day
  • December 13: Open

Angela volunteered to lead a Christmas-themed project for our November meeting. She will try to reserve our Hobby Lobby meeting room for the August 30th play day.

In the business portion of our meeting, we discussed:

Bottles of Hope Project: Coordinator Nance announced that she now has about 30 bottles ready to donate to cancer patients. She requested that members help by e-mailing her some messages of hope that she could place inside the bottles.

TV News9, which taped some of our members making the bottles in July, has postponed airing the segment until a planned interview for the story can be completed. They will call Angela when it is set to air.

We discussed possible places for our first Bottles of Hope donation event. Angela will contact our project liaisson, Cindy Matteson, for recommendations.

Treasurer’s Report: Angela reported that we have a balance of $388.97, and our members currently number 13.

New Business: Bottles of Hope Challenge: The theme of this year’s national BOH challenge is “A Message of Hope.” The deadline for sending entries is December 15. For more information, contact Angela.

Munro Crafts Order: Jane reminded everyone who wishes to add items to her order to send her their lists, as she plans to place the order on Monday, the 11th. Items will be discounted fifty percent because of the size of the order.

Holocaust Children’s Memorial Butterflies: Nance talked about a request for handmade butterflies to be displayed at a memorial to the children of the Holocaust in Texas. She gave specifications for the butterflies and will make information available through our web site.

Meeting space: With our recent increased attendance, our present meeting space is becoming too crowded. Angela asked members for ideas for new meeting places. We discussed various possibilities. Nance will check with a place in Midwest City.

Swap with Tulsa Guild: Angela announced that the Tulsa Guild has chosen vessels as the theme of our inter-guild swap. She sent around a sign-up sheet for those who wish to participate. TheTulsa group has 6 members.

August Swap: Several people brought items for the birthday-themed swap. Jane’s item was birthday brownies, and she even allowed those of us who didn’t bring a swap item to have one! Angela asked for new ideas for the themes of our bi-monthly swaps. Our theme for the October swap will “Harvest”, and for December, “Angels.”

Reminder: Next month, instead of a swap, we will hold a raffle. July winners will provide the raffle items.

Library Drawing: As there were no nominations for the library drawing, we decided to postpone our August drawing until the September meeting.

Show and Tell: What a creative group! Several members brought beautiful items they had made.

July 22, 2008

July 2008 Meeting Notes

Nine members and two guests gathered in July for our informal program on making beads. April S. demonstrated tools she has found helpful, including several bead rollers. Several members brought beads they had made in the past and shared tips. Everyone enjoyed experimenting with bead-making techniques.

Show and Tell: Members brought some beautiful things to show. Penni Jo brought clay thunderbirds she had designed for a customer. Nance and April showed beads they had made. Jane and Angela brought Bottles of Hope.

During our business meeting, Vice President April S. reviewed the upcoming meeting schedule, which follows:

  • August 9: Ink-Jet Image Transfers with Shirley
  • August 30: Play Day
  • September 13: Mokume Gane with Nance
  • October 11: Translucent Layering with Jane
  • November 8: Open
  • November 29: Play Day
  • December 13: Open

It was noted that the August play day falls on Labor Day Weekend. We will discuss this at our August meeting.


Library: Librarian Jane L. announced that the June selection for our library, The Human Figure in Clay, had arrived. She commented that it has wonderful detail.

Bottles of Hope: Coordinator Nance R. announced that she now has accumulated lots of finished bottles for our project. She still has lots of empty ones for anyone else who wants to decorate them. The Norman Newcomers Club may do more bottles this summer, and we will include them in our publicity when the time comes. Angela commented that Cindy Matteson has inquired about our progress with the project.

Treasurer’s Report:: Angela reported our balance as $405.44. Lisa became our newest member in June, bringing our membership to 13.

New Business:

Liability for Minors: Penni Jo voiced concern about the safety of children working with polymer clay tools at our meetings and the resulting liability issues for the guild. She suggested that we add wording to our “About ” page on our Web site, specifying an age (possibly 18) below which a person could not attend our meetings without a parent or supervising adult. There was general agreement that we should do this.

Tulsa Guild: Angela announced that the Tulsa group would like to get together for a play day. We discussed our scheduled play days as possible dates and churches or libraries as possible venues in the Oklahoma City area. Angela will call the guild to discuss possible dates.

Angela asked whether anyone would be interested in giving private lessons in jewelry making. We have received an inquiry through our Web site.

Library Drawing: The book selected for purchase this month is Polymer Clay Beads: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration, by Grant Diffendaffer.

Raffle: Penni Jo, April S. and Nance brought raffle items. Winners were Angela, Lee Ann, and Shirley. The winners will bring raffle items for our next raffle, which will be at our September meeting. We will have a swap at our August meeting.


June 23, 2008

June 2008 Meeting Notes

There were twelve people at the June meeting, nine members and three guests. Angela Mabray gave us an extensive handout detailing stamping techniques and various types of ink and their effects. She led us in making coasters using a stamping technique, with optional ink and various ways of coloring the clay. As always, there were lots of interesting and creative results among the members.

Business meeting: The meeting schedule, as far as planned, will be:

  • July 12: Beads (all members sharing tips about bead rollers, making beads, etc.)

  • August 9: Ink-Jet Image Transfers with Shirley

  • August 30: Play Day

  • September 13: Mokume Gane with Nance

  • October 11: Translucent Layering with Jane

Treasurer’s Report and Membership: Angela reported that we have a balance of $418.20. She withdrew $14.00 in petty cash to help make change on raffle days. One member has had to drop out, bringing our membership to 12.

Library and Drawing: Jane reported that May’s library choice, Creative Canes: 30-plus Cane Techniques with Polymer Clay, by Barbara McGuire, had been received. This month, the book selected for the library is The Human Figure in Clay, by Mark A. Dennis.

Show and Tell: In addition to several Bottles of Hope brought by members, Penni Jo, April S., and Nance brought things for show and tell. Penni Jo announced that she will be teaching a polymer clay class for Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation. She also showed more of her inro projects and announced that she will be hired as an artist to teach inro at the Orlando Clay Fandango in Florida next March. Nan reported that her Bottles of Hope lesson at the Norman Newcomers Club was a great success.

Swap: This month was our first swap, and items followed a floral theme. Nance, April S., April G., Lee Ann, Jane, Penni Jo, and Angela swapped some beautiful floral clay creations.

Angela reminded the group that next month we will return to the raffle. Prizes will be provided by Penni Jo and April S.


May 13, 2008

May 2008 Meeting Notes

Nine people attended the May meeting, including 8 members (2 of whom had to leave before the lesson) and 1 returning guest. Penni Jo demonstrated the faux zebra wood technique, then showed us all how to make inros from a PVC pipe mold she provided. As always, the resulting projects were diverse & wonderful. Thanks to Penni Jo for providing such an in-depth lesson!

If you missed the meeting (or just need a refresher on some of the steps), you can find the handouts here.

Our upcoming meetings are:

  • May 31: 5th Saturday Play Day at Penni Jo’s home
  • June 14: Rubber Stamp Techniques with Angela
  • July 12: Beads (all members sharing tips about bead rollers, making beads, etc.)
  • August 9: Ink-Jet Image Transfers with Shirley
  • August 30: Play Day
  • September 13: Mokume Gane with Nance
  • October 11: Translucent Layering with Jane

During the business portion of the meeting, we discussed the following items:

  • Swap Theme: Starting in June, we will be doing a swap every other month (alternating months with the raffle). Our June theme will be Florals. If you would like to take part, just bring 1 polymer clay item that fits that theme. Everyone who brings an item will swap with another member. The type of object you make is completely up to you, as long as it fits with the theme. Participation is completely optional.
  • Membership: Lee Ann K. became our newest member, which brings our member count to 14. Our balance is $417.26.
  • Bottles of Hope: Several members brought back finished Bottles of Hope. Penni Jo told the group about a possible lead for obtaining classroom space to teach Bottles of Hope workshops. April G. entered one of her Bottles in the Integris Hospital Celebration of Life & Art Exhibit.
  • Show & Tell: We took a few minutes after the business portion of the meeting to do a quick Show & Tell. It was a lot of fun to see what members have been working on. Jane suggested members also bring their completed projects from the previous month to show.
  • Drawings: Nance donated 2 prizes for this month’s raffle. Penni Jo and April were the winners. The new library book selection is Creative Canes by Barbara McGuire.

April 13, 2008

April 2008 Meeting Notes

Ten people attended our April meeting, including three guests, two of whom became our newest members. Welcome, Carole and Sharon! We all had a lot of fun as Nance Ross taught us how to make an articulated teddy bear. She brought three delightful examples, as well as pictures. As expected, each participant’s bear developed its own unique personality. Some participants had time to bake their bears, and others will finish at home.

Our raffle featured four drawings with items donated by April S., Nance, Penni Jo, and April G. Cassy won one drawing. It is alleged that the other three drawings were won by Nance’s three teddy bears, but they’re not talking, and neither is Nance!

The book selected in the library drawing was 400 Polymer Clay Designs, published by Lark Books. It will be purchased for our guild library this month.

Our upcoming schedule is as follows:

  • May 10:Inro Box with Penni Jo
  • May 31: Play Day. Location TBA.
  • June 14: Rubber Stamping Techniques with Angela
  • July 12: TBA
  • August 9: Ink Jet Transfers with Shirley

During the business portion of our meeting, we discussed the following:

Angela, our treasurer, reported that our checking account total is $357.24. We now have a total of 14 members.

Angela read an e-mail message thanking the guild for its donations to Hearts for Heroes.

Angela announced that she is making application to the IRS for 501(a) non-profit status for the guild and asked for help from anyone who had been through the process before.

Angela recapped our play day discussion with Cindy Matteson regarding the guild’s future involvement with the Bottles of Hope project. She voiced her hope that we would commit to it, perhaps doing a once-a-year event at which we would donate our bottles to cancer patients. Nance has volunteered to be coordinator of our effort. It was suggested that members find out whether their local church youth groups might be willing to participate. Nance volunteered to teach these groups how to work with clay. Some members took home more bottles to decorate. Angela suggested that if members know a current cancer patient, they could give their bottle directly, rather than saving it for our event.

April G. brought up the possibility of bringing in a nationally known polymer clay artist to present a workshop, as the North Texas Guild has done. It was noted that the cost would be prohibitive for our small group, but we may look at the possibility of partnering with other groups in the region at some future time.

April 4, 2008

March 2008 Play Day Notes

Breast cancer bear with pendantThanks so much to everyone who came out to the Bottles of Hope Play Day, and thanks especially to our speaker, Cindy Matteson. Cindy was very sharing about her journey with breast cancer & her ideas for setting up a Bottles of Hope program locally. She even brought each of us a pink ribbon teddy bear!

We discussed the following:

  • Cindy would love to see us have a special event in conjunction with a local hospital (perhaps Baptist or Integris Cancer Centers), where we deliver our Bottles of Hope to cancer patients & survivors. According to the organizer of the Kansas City event, we would need 75-100 bottles to make such an event worthwhile.
  • Cindy suggested we might get high school art classes involved — not only would they enjoy learning about the clay and helping create the bottles, but this would help us build up our bottle supply. She knows some folks at the local high school and will help us look into this. Other similar possibilities mentioned were girl scouts and the YMCA.
  • Cindy mentioned the possibility of putting together a few sample bottles, then making contact with the media, to start getting the word out about the program.

Angela created a handout with information on Bottles of Hope. She has made the handout and a video available on her site.

We had five people in attendance, and after Cindy’s talk, folks stayed around for several hours creating gorgeous Bottles of Hope. We ended up adding several bottles to our collection, and each person took home a few bottles to cover at home. We have lots of bottles (over 200), which will be available at all of our meetings for folks to take home and cover.

Thanks to all for a creative & fun-filled play day!

March 17, 2008

March 2008 Meeting Notes

Seven members were present at our March meeting, along with two guests, Diana and Teresa. What fun we all had, as April Salcedo showed us how to make several types of canes using the extruder. Everyone was pleased to learn how much easier caning can be, using this tool. There were some beautiful results to take home and use in projects. April provided some excellent handouts.

We held our first raffle to benefit the library fund, and it brought in $16.00. Angela, April S., and Nance donated mold putty samples, texture sheets, a book, and a necklace. Raffle winners were Angela, April S., April G, and Nance. As we discussed in February, this month’s winners will bring the items for next month’s raffle.

The schedule for future meetings is:

  • March 29: Play day hosted by Angela. Bottles of Hope will be discussed.

  • April 12: Articulated Teddy Bear with Nance

  • May 10: Inro Box with Penni Jo

  • June 14: Rubber Stamping Effects with Angela

During the business portion of the meeting we discussed the following items:

  • Treasury and Membership - Angela announced that we now have twelve members. Our treasury balance is $312.15.

  • Dues - Because member points are awarded for service, we voted to make our membership year coincide with our administrative year, for easier accounting. Those whose membership renewal falls due before next January will pay a pro-rated amount. A full year’s dues will be collected from all members next January.

The library drawing was held as a raffle this month, with the winner choosing our next purchase. Stamping Effects in Polymer Clay, by Sandra McCall, was chosen.

Angela reminded the group of contest deadlines she had previously forwarded by email from the National Polymer Clay Guild. The deadline for Bead Dreams is April 14 and for Fire Mountain Beading Contest, April 15.

It was announced that is offering a free disk about Pro-Sculpt Clay with a dual order of art doll books.

February 17, 2008

February 2008 Meeting Notes

Six members and one guest were present at our February meeting. Guest Nance Ross became our newest member. Welcome, Nance! Several members wore their own new polymer clay nametags, each unique and very creative.

In keeping with the season, heart projects were the order of the day. April Salcedo taught a technique for making pillow hearts with inserted wire loops for hanging. Most made hearts no larger than a quarter, regulation size for the Hearts for Heroes Campaign, and we produced quite a number to donate. Angela Mabray then taught how to make candy hearts, using molds she had made from actual candies. She provided laser-printed transfer sheets with typical candy heart messages, and in the end, we had produced some very realistic candy hearts suitable for a necklace or charm bracelet. Last, Cassy Salcedo demonstrated how to make a beautifully encased heart.

Our tentative schedule for the next few meetings is:

  • March 8: Extruder Canes - April Salcedo
  • March 29: Saturday Play Day - Bottles of Hope. Angela will host.
  • April 12: TBA
  • May 10: Inro Box - Penni Jo Couch

During the business meeting, we discussed the following:

President Angela Mabray announced that the first issue of Polymer Cafe had arrived for our library. She also reported that she had also used some of our funds to purchase a supply of clay for the group, as agreed last month. This clay can be used when needed for new attendees or for other purposes.

New member Nance brings experience from her former guild in California. At her suggestion, we decided to try holding a raffle at each monthly meeting. Members may bring anything they wish to donate that is related to polymer clay. The winner of the raffle will then be obligated to bring something for the raffle the following month. Although a price of three for $1.00 was suggested, no decision was made as to price. Nance and Angela volunteered to bring items for the March meeting.

Annual membership dues, which are $36, are coming due for some of the earliest members. According to the points-for-service schedule agreed upon in 2007, the first allocation of points has been made, resulting in a discount on this year’s dues for some members.

April reported that a representative of the Makins Corporation said the company would sponsor any event our group might decide to hold, by sending tote bags and other items. She also said that they stand by their products and will work with any customer who has problems.

The Norman Hobby Lobby, which provides our meeting space, also generously provides a small display space where we can promote the guild. We discussed recurring difficulties with the stand for display of our guild poster. April was again able to get it to stay upright, but the stand is showing wear. No decision was made about replacing it.

We held our monthly drawing for an additional purchase for the guild library. The DVD, “Sculpting Babies in Clay” was the winner for this month.

January 15, 2008

January 2008 Meeting Notes

Note: Thanks to our newly-elected secretary Shirley for providing these meeting notes.

Six members and one guest, April Gregory, attended the January meeting. April became our newest member at the end of the meeting, giving us two Aprils among our membership.

Jane Linn led us through the fun process of creating faux pewter picture frames. Everyone had good results, and each person’s frame was unique. She also showed other ideas for faux pewter, including a cleverly constructed wine stopper and an intricately decorated knife handle. Jane also demonstrated how to make faux abalone and showed us multiple beautiful samples she had made as she tested and perfected the technique in preparation for the meeting.

The schedule for the next few meetings is below:

  • February 9: Hearts for Heroes, which will be taught by three members.
  • March 8: Extruder Canes - April Salcedo
  • March 29: 5th Saturday Play Day - Bottles of Hope. Angela will host this meeting.
  • April 12: To be announced

During the business portion of the meeting, we discussed the following items:

  • Election of officers: The following slate of officers were elected for 2008:
    • President - Angela Mabray
    • Vice President - April Salcedo
    • Secretary - Shirley Conaway
    • Treasurer - Angela Mabray
    • Librarian - Jane Linn
    • Photographer - Cassy Salcedo
    • Web Master - April Salcedo
  • Library Fines: The question of setting library fines for overdue books was discussed. The group decided that if a book is not returned after two months, the borrower will be fined $1.00 for each succeeding month. After six months, the borrower will be required to purchase the book.
  • Silver Clay: Penni Jo suggested that rather than going to the expense and effort involved in preparation for a lesson about silver clay, those interested might do better to find a local silver clay group to visit. She announced also that she has a set of DVDs about silver clay which anyone may borrow. April mentioned that the Firehouse Art Center in Norman periodically teaches classes.
  • Group Clay Purchase: Penni Jo mentioned that no more members had submitted orders for clay.
  • Library Drawing: Making Polymer Clay Beads by Carol Blackburn was chosen to be purchased this month for the guild library. Angela announced that last month’s choice, a subscription to Polymer Clay Cafe, has been ordered and should be arriving soon.
  • Membership Dues: Angela announced membership dues are due next month from the first three members who joined the guild.

December 11, 2007

December 2007 Meeting Notes

Penni Jo @ okpolyclay 12/08/07We had 7 members and 1 returning guest at our December meeting, and with Penni Jo’s help, we all got to create cute snowman light switch covers. Penni Jo Couch did a wonderful job teaching the lesson — showing us not only how to cover the light switch plate, but also how to create a faux knit effect with polymer clay. Several members raved about how much fun they were having! If you missed the meeting, you can find all the instructions here.

Our upcoming meetings are:

  • Jan. 12: Faux Techniques with Jane
  • Feb. 9: Hearts for Heroes with Cassy, April & Angela
  • March 8: Extruder Canes with April
  • March 29: 5th Saturday Play Day
  • April 12: Bottles of Hope (tentative)

During the business portion of the meeting, we discussed the following items:

  • Bottle of Hope: Angela recently met with a local cancer survivor who shared information about a Bottles of Hope reception in Kansas City and offered some medicine bottles for our group to cover. The group agreed to schedule a Bottles of Hope-themed meeting, tentatively in April. Angela will check whether her contact would be available to share with the group during that meeting.
  • Hope on a Rope Challenge: In other Bottles of Hope-related news, Amaco is holding a Hope on a Rope Challenge. Entries should include a mini-bottle, decorated for children, hanging on a necklace with beads made using AMACO Bead Rollers. Entries are due January 5, 2008.
  • Group Clay Purchase: Munro Crafts sells clay and various other crafting supplies, and they offer 50% off retail prices on purchase totals over $200.00. Some of our members plan to put together a group purchase, coordinated by Penni Jo. Please get in touch with her ASAP if you would like to participate.
  • National Polymer Clay Guild: Angela mentioned that the NPCG has started sending out regular e-newsletters including member news. If any members have polymer-clay related news (articles published, etc.), please let Angela know so she can pass the info along.
  • Group Clay: The group voted to purchase a few bars of “group clay” the next time there’s a sale. The idea is to have some on hand in case members or guests need a little extra of a particular type/color of clay for a meeting project.
  • Officers: Officer elections will be next month. People have expressed interest in running for all of the offices except Treasurer and Webmaster. Please contact Angela if you’re interested in running for one of these offices, or if you’re interested in running for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Guild Librarian, or Photographer.

November 11, 2007

November 2007 Meeting Notes

We had 8 people at our November meeting & had a wonderful time learning all sorts of nifty things! April showed us how she does the watercolor/torn paper effect with polymer clay. She also squeezed in a clay extruded cane demo (which was met with much ooh-ing & ahh-ing) plus a demo on sanding and buffing polymer clay pieces for a great shine. Here’s copies of April’s handouts, in case you missed the meeting:

And for those of you who missed the sanding/buffing demo or just want more info, April recommends checking out fellow member Christie’s sanding & buffing video.

Thanks to April for a great lesson!

Our upcoming meeting schedule is as follows:

  • Dec. 8: Covering Switch Plates with Penni Jo
  • Jan. 12: Faux Techniques with Jane
  • Feb. 9: Hearts for Heroes with various member demos
  • March 8: Extruder Canes with April

In the business portion of the meeting, we drew a new item for our library, a 1-year subscription to Polymer Cafe magazine. And speaking of Polymer Cafe, our own Penni Jo is in the latest issue — she’s even mentioned on the cover! Way to go, Penni Jo!

Dana joined the group (welcome, Dana!), so we’re now up to 11 members.

We discussed the Hobby Lobby display. Angela expressed concern that our poster had disappeared, but April found it after the meeting — it had just fallen behind the display case. April and Jane offered to help keep the display “fresh” by updating it with new items after the monthly meetings. If you have an item you would like to loan us for a month to display, please bring it with you to the next meeting.

We also discussed the upcoming officer elections in January. Shirley requested that the officer duties be posted, so that folks can read through them and consider which office they would like to volunteer for. Angela agreed & will be sending this information out to the email group.

October 15, 2007

October 2007 Meeting Notes

We had seven people at our October meeting, & everyone seemed to have a spooky-good time. Cassy kicked things off by showing everyone how to sculpt Halloween pumpkins, then “angel” and “deviled” eggs. After that, Angela & Penni Jo demonstrated how to make a beaded spider using glow-in-the-dark clay & alcohol inks. (See Penni Jo’s beading diagram here.)

It was a free-for-all when card-swapping time rolled around. The five members who signed up for the ATC Swap (based on September’s ATC project) eagerly grabbed up each others’ cards. All the swappers brought — and took home — beautiful creations!

In the business part of the meeting, we discussed the schedule for the next two meetings:

  • November 10: April will be teaching the Watercolor/Torn Paper technique (unless there’s a game conflict — in which case Angela will have a fall project to share)
  • December 8: Penni Jo will be teaching how to cover light switch plates in polymer clay

Other upcoming classes include the extruder/cane technique and an inro project.

We drew two new book selections for the guild library:

Penni Jo showed us her preview copy of the Fall 2007 Bead Unique magazine, where her “Circling Dragonfly” article will be appearing. The article looks great, & she even mentioned the guild in her bio — so we’re all famous now!

Angela offered guild business cards for members to help spread the word about the group. The business cards, along with the fliers Penni Jo created, are now available on our new “Member Resources” page — so members can feel free to print these out as needed.

Angela also mentioned that officer elections will be held in January, and that we’re looking for interested volunteers to fill these roles: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Photographer, & Guild Librarian. Please be thinking about which role(s) you would be interested in filling.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the November meeting!

September 30, 2007

September 2007 Play Day Notes

Three members showed up for the September Play Day, where we snacked on goodies provided by our host, Penni Jo (thanks!), and learned all about photographing our work. Penni Jo showed us her photography set-up, where we snapped a few photos. We then moved to the computer to learn how to optimize those photos (and scans) using Photoshop. A very informative & enjoyable meeting!

In the business portion of our meeting, we discussed the following items:

  • The National Polymer Clay Guild will be having its Synergy Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, February 21-23, 2008. Registration begins tomorrow. Angela handed out postcards to the attendees with additional information (more postcards will be available at the next meeting). Or you can find out more on their website.
  • Penni Jo offered additional ideas for future meeting topics: how to make an Inro box, and how to do the torn paper technique. Anyone interested in demonstrating these techniques for the group? If so, give me a holler!
  • Jane suggested we might consider holding the Play Days in a different section of town for the members who don’t live in the Moore/Norman area. Those in attendance agreed.
  • Angela handed out some business cards she made up with guild information on them. These will also be available at the next meeting.

Thanks to Penni Jo for hosting a very enjoyable Play Day!

September 10, 2007

September 2007 Meeting Notes

Six members and one guest attended the September meeting. We had a fun time making Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), with members trying various techniques — skinner blend backgrounds, transfers, rubber stamps with mica powders, molding, antiquing — and even a beach scene complete with sand & shells! April also shared a successful inkjet transfer she had done using JetprintPhoto Imaging & Photo (Matte) paper (available at Wal-Mart, $10.00 for 100 sheets). Thanks to everyone who attended. And a special thanks to Jeanne Rhea of Heart of Clay for sending along gorgeous sample ATCs for us to drool over!

When we finished playing, we discussed the following business items:

  • Group Swap: We will hold a swap at the October 13th meeting for anyone who wants to swap ATCs. You may participate regardless of whether you attended the September meeting. To get an idea of the number of cards each person needs to make, please RSVP by September 22nd if you’re interested. We will be organizing this swap via our mailing list, so be sure to sign up for the list if you haven’t already.
  • Other ATC Swaps:
    • There’s a polymer clay tree-themed ATC swap listed on Swap-bot with a sign-up date of September 15th. This one is open to newbies, so it’s a good place to get your feet wet if you haven’t done a swap before. You might even consider incorporating one of your leaf canes from our June meeting.
    • Looking for more swap action? Here’s a list of all of Swap-bot’s current ATC swaps.
  • The group modified, then voted on, the points reward system. Here is the system we unanimously decided on:
    • Members will earn 2 points for each book or video they donate to the guild library.
    • Members will earn 4 points for each lesson they teach or co-teach.
    • Members will earn 8 points for holding an office for a year.
    • At the end of the year, points will be calculated. For members who’ve earned 11-20 points, their yearly dues will be discounted $2. For 21-30 points, dues will be discounted $4. And for 31+ points, dues will be discounted $8.
  • We held our first drawing to start populating our guild library. The two winning books (which should be ordered in time for the next meeting) were:
  • We discussed holding a joint meeting with the Tulsa guild, probably next spring. We’ve been emailing them to start arranging something like this and will keep everyone posted.
  • We discussed the schedule for the rest of the year, and decided we should not have the 5th Saturday Play Day that would normally be scheduled for December 29th, since most people will probably be out of town or otherwise busy with holiday festivities.
  • We decided on plans for the next two meetings & discussed additional ideas for meeting topics. If you are willing to teach us one of the unassigned topics, please get in touch.
    • September 29th Play Day - Photographing your Artwork - Penni Jo.
    • October 13th - Halloween Project - Cassy (Deviled & Angel Eggs) & Angela (glow-in-the-dark clay)
    • Covering Switch Plates - Penni Jo
    • Extruders & Canes - April
    • Christmas Projects
    • Ink-jet Image Transfers
    • Rubber Stamps & Clay
    • Faux Techniques
    • Beads & Bead-Making

We look forward to seeing everyone at our September 29th Play Day!

August 12, 2007

August 2007 Meeting Notes

Angela's Turtle and Starfish SculpturesWe had a smallish-turnout for our August meeting — but we still had a lot of fun! There were 4 people present for our “Sculptures Inspired by Christi Friesen” lesson — our teacher April Salcedo & her daughter, Cassie; Angela; and first-time visitor (and brand new member!) Shirley. April explained how to make the starfish first, then a baby turtle. She also went over some of the goodies in Christi Friesen’s various books. Everyone seemed to have a great time creating beautiful marine life.

Because we had such a small group, those in attendance decided to hold off til September on the library and points system discussions. We decided that the September 8th football game would probably not cause traffic problems since the game starts at 11. No other games’ times have been announced, so we’ll play it by ear on the next few meetings.

The next meeting will be September 8th, when Angela Mabray will be teaching how to make polymer clay Artist Trading Cards. Hope to see you then!

July 24, 2007

July 2007 Meeting Notes

Our July meeting was in a new location — the Hobby Lobby in Norman — & I have to say I was impressed. The store is right off the interstate and easy to find. Not only did they give us a nice big spot to advertise in their front display case, but they were also extra-friendly — peeking in on our meeting a couple of times, asking if there was anything they could get for us. The longer meeting time was nice, too — allowing a much more leisurely pace for finishing & baking projects. We had more than enough room for the 7 people in attendance — and we think creative table arrangements would be possible for seating our larger groups. Those in attendance seemed happy with the new meeting location for now, though football season may create some challenges (more on that below).

Penni Jo's Key To My Heart album Penni Jo & Sue did an excellent job teaching us the Explosion Accordion Folded Album. Not only did the group get instructions on folding the paper into an album — but we also learned about using Ultra Thick Embossing Powder (UTEE) with polymer clay to create a glass-like window. As usual, there were lots of different artistic interpretations of the project & plenty of creativity to go around. See a few photos of completed projects here. If you were at the meeting, we’d love to see photos of your project too — feel free to contact us if you need help adding your photo to our Flickr pool.

In the business portion of our meeting, we talked about the following items:

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June 12, 2007

June 2007 Meeting Notes

Cassy's MagnetOur leaf cane demonstration went great — with various members “catching the caning bug.” Pictures are available on our Flickr! group — & thanks to our new group photographer, April, we even have pictures from during the meeting! Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks especially to Christie Wright of DragonflyLane for doing a great job teaching.

A few notes from the business portion of our meeting:

  • Our next play day will be held June 30 — but it’s being held at a new time and place! Angela has offered to host the June Play Day at her house, starting at 5 p.m. and continuing as long as folks want to stay. We’ll plan to have some snacks & drinks available — if you have something special you’d like, please bring it. And bring a couple of bucks if you’re interested in pitching in for pizza. We thought we’d try having the play day at a home so our time isn’t as limited. Hope you’ll come join the polymer clay party!

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May 14, 2007

May 2007 Meeting Notes

Watercolor PenFor the May meeting, Angela Mabray (who sells crafts at and blogs about crafts at CraftyGoat’s Notes) taught the group how to cover pens with polymer clay. The pens were a lot of fun, & we ended up with some very nice ones. Check out our Flickr pics for some examples.

Pen-covering Notes

Angela brought the following types of pens, all of which are oven-safe:

Some other potential oven-safe pen candidates are listed below — but you may want to check these in the oven without clay first, to make sure they hold up okay:

  • Bic Round Stic (white, not clear)
  • Bic Soft Feel Stic
  • Pilot Bettergrip
  • Rose Art’s Great Grips
  • Zebra F-301 ball point pens

Angela showed the group how to cover the barrels and re-assemble the pens. She also pointed out a couple of interesting alternatives to standard pen-covering:

  • Covering a copper tube with clay, then inserting a pen refill.
  • Covering a bamboo skewer with clay, removing the bamboo skewer while still warm, then inserting a pen refill.

See more about these ideas, along with a full list of potential pens to try, at Glass Attic’s pen page.

Other Group Business

  • Angela reminded the group that the Bottles of Hope Challenge deadline was extended til June 1st, so members still have a chance to submit their entries. She also mentioned the National Polymer Clay Guild’s request for Synergy presentation proposals.
  • Penni Jo had forwarded information about Munro Crafts, an online craft store that gives a 50% off orders over $200. Angela told the group about it, saying she’d send out the link so folks could decide if they wanted to put together a group order.

We had a new record attendance at the May meeting with 12 people. We’re so glad y’all came out & hope to see you again soon!

April 18, 2007

April 2007 Meeting Notes

Christie Wright did a great job demonstrating the mica shift technique at April's guild meeting. Mica shift involves using metallic clays and rubber stamps, then shaving off the top layer to leave an illusion of texture. We had five people there -- and at one point of another, I think every person ran their fingers over the clay surface and expressed amazement that it was smooth instead of textured. It's a fun technique, and Christie was a wonderful teacher. If you couldn't make the meeting, be sure to catch her mica shift video.

Although time didn't allow us to properly sand and buff the beads -- which really heightens the illusion -- Christie brought some of her tools and explained the process. She also gave us a handy tip about a place called Harbor Freight, which has a location just around the corner from the Hobby Lobby where we meet. That's where she got the tools she showed us -- a Chicago 3" Multipurpose Bench Grinder and an Enkay 5 Pc. Buffing & Polishing Kit. The prices she mentioned sounded great, so it might be worth a visit. You can also order on their website, but Christie said their online selection varies a bit from their in-store selection.

In the business portion of the meeting, we discussed the following items:

  • Penni Jo Couch won the group's logo design contest. She also created the miniature logo we're now using as our Flickr! group logo, and a "Proud Member" logo that's available to everyone who's paid their dues. Thanks to Penni Jo for her excellent logo work!
  • Angela has sent out membership profile pages for those who have paid their dues. Members have the option of including their information on
  • Our group has 6 members, with $189.37 in the treasury. A check for $25 will be issued for the contest award. [Note: Another member joined after Saturday's meeting, so we're now up to 7!]
  • Angela recommended a points system for rewarding members' contributions to the group. Members could earn points over the year by doing things like teaching a lesson or holding an office, then the next year's dues could be discounted based on points earned. She offered to write an email to the group with more specific suggestions.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Bottles of Hope Designer Challenge Contest: Entries must be received by May 1st.
    • May 12 Meeting: Artist Trading Cards with Angela Mabray
    • June 9 Meeting: Leaf Canes with Christie Wright
    • June 30 Play Day: Open
    • July 14 Meeting: Accordion Books / UTEE with Penni Jo Couch and Sue Kerr

April 2, 2007

March 2007 Play Day Notes

Our March Play Day focused on Bottles of Hope — and while this was our first experience with Bottles of Hope, it almost certainly won’t be our last! We had a wonderful time creating these bottles while sharing stories about loved ones. Amaco (makers of Fimo clay) very generously donated packets of their clay for us to use in creating the Bottles of Hope. And Penni Jo brought Cracker Barrel bottles for everyone to cover. Thanks to everyone for their generosity!

The group brainstormed topics for future meetings — and it sounds like we’ve got a lot to look forward to! In addition to our mica shift project in April, we discussed the following (still-tentative) items:

  • May: Artist Trading Cards
  • June: Christie will teach us how to make and reduce leaf canes. Her lesson will include the Skinner blend technique
  • July: Penni Jo and Sue will demonstrate how to make an accordion book, featuring Ultra-Thick Embossing powder

A couple of other ideas were mentioned, such as suspending something in liquid clay (similar to Donna Kato’s layered dichroic effect) or a glass-like heart necklace. Interested in teaching something? Interested in learning about a different technique? Please get in touch.

The group also discussed discounting membership for multiple members in the same family. The group voted to set the policy as follows: For family members 18 years old and up, the charge for the additional family member will be 50% of regular dues ($18/year). For “junior members” (less than 18 years old), the yearly dues will equal their age — e.g., $10 for a 10-year-old.

Our next meeting will be April 14th, when Christie Wright will be teaching us to make mica shift beads.

March 22, 2007

March 2007 Meeting Notes

Spring Necklace SetThanks to Penni Jo Couch for writing up the minutes for the March 10th meeting.

Penni Jo started the meeting by showing three necklaces that could be made using similar techniques. Each person picked up a project sheet for the necklace of their choice.

  • Faux Silver with AB crystal
  • Burgundy Rose with leaves and earrings
  • Spring flower cluster with Jonquil crystals and matching butterfly earrings with Peridot crystals

Members then followed these steps:

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February 11, 2007

February 2007 Meeting Notes

Pink Love Heart BoxWhat a great meeting! We had our biggest crowd yet & the creative juices were really flowing.

Our February project was heart-shaped polymer clay boxes, inspired by one of Lisa Pavelka’s projects in Elegant Gifts in Polymer Clay. Angela Mabray demonstrated making cookie-cutter boxes by wrapping a long strip of polymer clay around the outside of the cookie cutter. Bake the clay on the cookie cutter, then slide it off for a cool all-clay box. The box sides can be used as a template for the matching box top and bottom. And if you need an extra-special touch? Penni Jo Couch showed the group how to glue PolyFill and velvet onto a cardboard cutout to make a wonderful box bottom. This simple step made the boxes look like very nice gift or jewelry boxes.

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January 1, 2007

December 2006 Play Day Notes

Penni Jo's New Year BraceletWe had a great time playing with clay at our first 5th Saturday Play Day. Three people attended: Penni Jo, Sue, and Angela. We created — and ate — fortune cookies, and we all learned a thing or two. Read on for more details…

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December 10, 2006

December 2006 Meeting Notes

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild held its December meeting on Saturday, December 9th. We had a brand new meeting place and a bunch more faces -- and we had a blast making Christmas ornaments together. Read on for all the details...

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November 17, 2006

November 2006 Meeting Notes

The Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild held its first meeting Wednesday night — and we had a great time! There are still some questions that are up in the air — the most pressing being where to meet (ideas, anyone?). But this meeting was a great start & we’ve got a lot of fun things planned already! Have anything you want to add to the discussion? Please let us know! And we hope you’ll join us for next month’s meeting, on December 9th!

Read on for the notes from the meeting…

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